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Instructions for Taking the Online Science and LOTE Placement Exams

Step 2

Once you log in with your Active Directory ID and password, click on the name of the exam you wish to take and simply follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Time limits are as follows: 

  • Chemistry: 45 minutes for 30 questions
  • Physics: no time limit for 13 questions
  • MCB: no time limit for 20 questions
  • French: 90 minutes for 88 questions
  • German: 45 minutes for 100 questions
  • Latin: 100 minutes for 62 questions
  • Spanish:  75 minutes for 57 questions
  • ALEKS PPL Math (which is administered through the ALEKS website): no time limit, adaptive test


To go through a test, you will click the “NEXT” button at the bottom of each page. The “NEXT” button is your “SAVE” button! To save the answers that you selected on a particular page, you must click “NEXT” and move on to the next page. You can always go back to change an answer, if you wish, before your time is up.

If you wish to go forward or backward in the test, use the “Quiz Navigation” table in the upper left corner of your screen. Do not use your browser’s forward and backward arrows!

Once you log into a particular test, you will see its countdown clock in the upper-left corner of your screen, directly under the “Quiz Navigation” pane (except Physics and MCB, which have no time limit). Be sure to finish your exam within its time limit. When only 15 seconds remain, the clock will change from light pink to red. There is no dialogue box or pop-up window to warn you that time is running out!


If you are still working on the test when time expires, your responses will be submitted automatically.



Go on to "Step 3" for instructions on how to submit your answers.