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Instructions for Taking the Online Science and LOTE Placement Exams

Step 3

If there is time remaining when you reach the end of a placement test, you will have the opportunity to make sure that you answered all of the test questions before submitting your answers. Just click “NEXT” after the last test question, and this will take you to a summary page that tells you if you skipped a question.

If you need to go back to a particular test question, just click on the number of the test question that you want to go back to. Once you have double-checked all of your responses, click the “Submit All and Finish” button. Your answers will not be recorded until you either click this button or run out of time. After submitting your test, you will no longer be able to access it. 

Your test results will NOT be shown after you finish. Instead, they will be made available to your advisor so that he or she can discuss registration options with you. Please note that the advisor you meet with during Registration may or may not be the individual you will be working with throughout your undergraduate career. When you go to your advising appointment during Registration, be sure to find out and write down the name, office location, and email address of your academic advisor. 

After completing one exam, you will have the option of returning to the home page to take another placement test. If you don’t want to take another placement test right away, you should log out of New Student Placement Testing by quitting your browser. Be sure to "Quit" or "Close" your browser when you are finished! This is to protect your identity and maintain confidentiality.

If you have any questions related to placement testing or experience a problem while taking an exam, contact us by calling 217-244-4437 during business hours or emailing



Please go on to"Step 4" for your last reminder.