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Instructions for Taking the Online Science and LOTE Placement Exams

Step 4

All members of the U of I community are expected to demonstrate academic integrity. This means, among other things, that you don't cheat, you don't help others to cheat, you don't fabricate information, and you don't misuse copyrighted materials. "Cheating" on the placement exams includes using books (such as bilingual dictionaries), study aids, cell phones, any kind of electronic information, and websites.

Once you log in to take your placement tests, it is expected that you alone will answer all test questions without any assistance from other individuals, any printed materials, any online materials, or any other devices of any kind. Only a calculator is permitted, if you wish to use one for the chemistry and physics questions. For the Chemistry Placement Test, you are allowed to use the Periodic Table from your textbook if you don't wish to use the one that is in the test.

Remember that placement testing is for YOUR benefit. Your placement test scores do not become part of your official academic record. They serve simply to help you choose appropriate courses that are neither too easy nor too difficult for your first year at Illinois. You and your academic advisor will review the results of your placement tests together and discuss your course enrollment options.

Infractions of academic integrity are serious offenses carrying penalties. All students, even newly admitted students who have not enrolled in a course yet, are required to abide by the U of I Student Code. It defines academic integrity more fully than is done here. Please read the Student Code if you have any questions about what constitutes an infraction of academic integrity.



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