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Employment Opportunities with CITL

English Proficiency Interviewer-Rater

Position Type: Academic Hourly or Graduate Hourly

Hours/Week: 5-8, during EPI exam cycle

Pay Rate: $15/hour (training period); $25/hour after successful completion of training

Primary Position Function/Summary:

Conducting English Proficiency Interviews, rating speech for intelligibility, and providing brief written feedback with specific observations and examples.

Major Duties and Responsibilities (detailed duties):

  • Successfully complete pre-testing interviewer/rater training. Training period is typically 6-8 weeks.
  • Participate in all calibration sessions prior to and during the testing period and in the end-of-term debriefing.
  • Conduct English Proficiency Interview consistent with the testing protocol and within proscribed time limit.
  • Holistically rate test-takers’ English language proficiency consistent with the rubric and within prescribed time limit. Provide brief description of examinee’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Adjust interviewing and rating practices as instructed by the EPI Coordinator; implement feedback provided by the EPI Coordinator.
  • Promote positive and professional interactions with EPI examinees and CITL staff.
  • Maintain confidentiality of examinee personal information and test scores.
  • Available on the UIUC campus for 2- to 3-hour time slots, one or more days per week throughout the semester.
  • As needed: Transfer examinees’ interviews from the voice recorders to the online repository.
  • As needed, perform examinee check-in and check-out duties.


  • Native or near-native English language ability
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Language-related training and practical experience, in one or more of the following areas:
  • Demonstrated familiarity with features of language proficiency, including linguistic, discourse, and cross-cultural competence
  • Professional demeanor and appreciation for the high-stakes nature of the English Proficiency Interview
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, particularly related to interviewing; excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Preferred Qualifications: MATESL degree, OPI training

Contact information:

Sue Ingels, EPI Coordinator, citl-epi@illinois.edu; 217-265-6136

Student Lab Assistant

Hours/Week: up to 10 hours per week

Pay Rate: $10/hour

Position Description:   

The Student Lab Assistant (SLA) is responsible for supporting CITL’s Innovation Studio and Innovation TechHub. This a multi-faceted position requiring the SLA to maintain and support the technology utilized within these spaces, assist with event planning and programming, provide input in the structure of programs, and stay abreast of emerging academic technologies. SLAs must have a working knowledge of technology in the spaces and the ability to create tutorials and other instructional materials. SLAs will be responsive and timely in troubleshooting issues and communicating solutions. Specific duties will be taught, but basic computer knowledge is required. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and manage computer workstations
  • Maintain and manage 3D printing and scanning stations
  • Support augmented and virtual reality platforms
  • Assist with events and program planning
  • Provide tours of the Studio and TechHub
  • Demonstrate new technologies and mentor new users
  • Prepare technical documentation
  • Create promotional materials and assist with social media campaigns
  • Maintain Armory Innovation Spaces webpages and social media (photos, videos, text)
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend new technologies
  • Other duties as assigned by CITL for this position
  • Report worked-hours bi-weekly to direct supervisor using the proper format using Web Time Entry

Position Details:

  • Typical work hours fall between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Flexible scheduling based on your schedule with up to 10 hours per week while classes are in session.
  • Starting pay is $10 per hour

Contact Information:

Jamie Nelson, jamien@illinois.edu, or Jim Wentworth, jwentwor@illinois.edu
Instructional Spaces & Technology, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning