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While the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges in teaching and learning, it also sparked extraordinary collaboration, creativity, and innovation among our faculty and staff as they adapted on-campus courses and other educational experiences to the online environment. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, instructor flexibility and understanding of the challenges our students are grappling with continues to be of great value.

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Increasing Student Engagement

To better understand the needs of students, campus ran a Fall 2020 Student Experience Survey. Students expressed sincere appreciation for instructors who have been approachable, accessible and creative in these unusual circumstances. Many students asked for more office hours and more engaging virtual instruction. Even simple steps like arriving to the Zoom session early for an informal discussion can do a lot to help students feel like they have the opportunity to engage with the instructor and their classmates. Some faculty have found that by holding optional, informal virtual meetings with their students, they’ve been able to build more community and maintain better connections with their students, resulting in more engagement during class time.

The Student Feedback Survey provided these specific suggestions on what you can do to support the success of your students:

  • Provide a clear course schedule and deadlines
  • Provide slides online before class
  • Provide check-ins and reminders
  • Offer consistent office hours
  • Turn your camera on during online classes
  • Provide recorded lectures for those in different time zones
  • Provide video captions
  • Be mindful of workloads and flexibility with deadlines
  • If possible, consider arriving to class 10-15 minutes before it starts to chat with students who come early
As we all prepare for the Spring 2021 semester, we hope you’ll review the following resources and development opportunities to further maximize learning experiences for your students.

Spring 2021 Faculty Training And Support Opportunities

Check our calendar for virtual office hours, workshop dates, and registration information. You can also reach out to us with specific questions or requests by completing this brief intake form.

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