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Remote Instruction Provides Renewed Opportunities for Guest Expertise

Jul 27, 2020

CITL Instructor Story
Submitted by Carla Hunter, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology

I typically include guest speakers in my course and the opportunity to engage in remote instruction meant that for the first time I had flexibility in who I could invite. It never occurred to me previously to invite someone remotely. I was fortunate to have a speaker who identifies as intersex speak with my class about the role of virtual communities in their identity. Class members learned a great deal and the speaker delivered the guest lecture from Massachusetts!

Students were engaged, asked great questions, and in turn the guest speaker benefitted from observing their positive impact in education. This is the work the guest speaker plans to pursue so i think it was validating. Students were moved by the guest speaker's vulnerability and bravery.

From this, I learned to think beyond my local space and to reach out to guest speakers who may not be able to travel to campus and can still have an impact in the classroom.

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