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Citizen Scholar Certificate

The Citizen Scholar Certificate is designed to encourage instructors to explore and participate in the scholarship of engagement. It also provides opportunities for instructors to contribute to a community of practice that supports service-learning pedagogy and civic engagement at the University of Illinois.

When you decide to work on the Citizen Scholar Certificate, contact CITL to be matched with a Specialist in Education who will be your consultant for the process. There is no time limit for completion of the requirements.

Certificate requirements

  1. Teaching experience using service-learning pedagogy: Document your formal teaching activities using service-learning pedagogy for a minimum of one semester at Illinois. Service-learning courses involve students in service, which meets identified community needs,  and in reflection to facilitate understanding of course content, an appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.
  2. Original work and its assessment: Submit a sample of your original work using service-learning pedagogy that has been assessed by your students or community participants. Write a reflective essay about this work and its assessment.
  3. Exploration of pedagogy: Complete one of the following activities.
    • Write a review of selected literature on service-learning pedagogy
    • participate in six hours of service-learning workshops
    • Participate in a regularly scheduled service-learning reading group or seminar series
  4. Engaged service or outreach research: Participate in a minimum of ten hours of engaged service or outreach research (e.g. provide a discipline-based service or instruction to the community, create  a report for a community organization or policy maker, collaborate on research that directly benefits community partners and leads to improved practice). Write a reflective essay on what you learned about engaged service or outreach research.
  5. Contribute to a community of practice that supports service-learning pedagogy and civic engagement at the University of Illinois. Examples include sharing service-learning projects, course materials, and best practices with the campus community; facilitating workshops; or, assembling resources for service-learning courses, engaged service, or outreach research.

Get started

All certificate requirements must be documented using the Citizen Scholar Certificate Application in consultation with your CITL consultant and/or a faculty member. The application contains more details for completing the certificate. The completed application must be submitted to CITL for review by your consultant. The submission deadline is April 15.