Student Account

You can access your Student Account through Student Self-Service. Student Self-Service provides access to a wide range of information resources, including your student registration, records, financial aid, and account services.

Below are quick instructions for accessing some of the most important Student Self-Service resources.

Updating your address information

UI-Integrate Personal Information Screen

  1. Click the Personal Information tab.
  2. Select Addresses & Phones.

Viewing your financial aid award letter

UI-Integrate Financial Aid screen

  1. Click the Financial Aid tab.
  2. Select Award Letter.

Viewing your academic history

UI-Integrate Registration and Records Screen

  1. Click the Registration & Records tab.
  2. Select Student Records and Transcripts.
  3. Select View Academic History.

Viewing your grades

Grades are no longer mailed by US postal service. You may view your current semester grades and your academic history online at Student Self-Service website and follow the instructions as listed below:

  1. Select “Registration and Records”
  2. Select “Student Records and Transcripts”
  3. Select “Mid-Term Grades, Final Grades or View Academic History”
  4. Select a term for the associated campus from the pull-down list
  5. You may print or view your final grade

Grade Explanation and how to calculate your GPA may be found by visiting the Office of the Registrar website.

Ordering transcripts​

You may order your transcript online or by contacting the University of Illinois Transcript Unit for mail order information. There is an $8.00 fee for each transcript request.
1. Go to the Registration and Records tab
2. Click on Student Records and Transcripts
3. Select Official Transcripts

If you prefer to order these by mail, contact the University of Illinois Transcript Unit  by phone at  217-333-9778 or via e-mail at Their office hours are 8:30 AM–5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Making a payment

Once a month, the University of Illinois e-mails students and authorized payers, reminding them to view their student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date. For noncredit courses, course payment must be received in full before you will be enrolled in requested noncredit section(s), unless you are using the company payment option. Noncredit students do not qualify for student loans or in-school deferments. Follow the directions below to make a payment through your student account.

UI-Integrate Account Billing Information Screen

  1. Click the Account Billing Information tab.
  2. Click Student Account to access the QuickPAY system.

Checking for holds on your account

  1. Click the Account Billing Information tab.
  2. Select View Holds.

Viewing general account information

  1. Click the Account Billing Information tab.
  2. Select Student Account.
  3. In the window that opens up, select View Account.

Direct deposit information

  1. Click the Account Billing Information tab.
  2. Select Direct Deposit.