User IDs, Passwords & E-mail

User IDS & Passwords

The campus currently requires passwords for different processes. Learning tools such as Collaborate, Moodle, Illinois Compass, etc. will prompt you for the appropriate login and password. We encourage you to use Password Vault or a similar service to store your passwords and NetID.

There are four main passwords you will use at the University:

Resetting your passwords

If you ever lose one of the first three passwords, or wish to change any of these passwords, please visit the Tech Services Password Manager. Once you log in to change your password(s), you have the option of setting these passwords to be the same. If you need to change your Enterprise ID password, go to the Enterprise Password Reset page.


Your Network ID (NetID) is a name assigned to you by Tech Services that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your “master” ID to log in to many University computing and networking services and also determines your University e-mail address, which is

You must claim your NetID, create a password and activate your e-mail account before classes begin. A program coordinator will contact you about this prior to the start of classes. Information regarding NetID use and activating your e-mail account is provided on the Tech Services NetID page.

  • Claiming your NetID: To claim your University of Illinois NetID and set a NetID password, please visit the University of Illinois NetID Claiming Service.
  • Security questions: Security questions will allow you to reset your passwords on your own. If you do not set up security questions you will have to go to Tech Services in person to have your password reset.
  • If you are registering for credit courses through CITL: To ensure the security of your identity, the University of Illinois encourages the use of multiple passwords for different University systems. Each student will be issued only one NetID. Degree-seeking students are instructed to change the password they receive upon admission to a degree program.
  • If you are a first-time nondegree student enrolling in credit courses: CITL registration staff will process your registration information and supply you with a University ID Number (UIN). You will then be directed to claim your NetID and set up passwords.
  • If you have previously taken courses through CITL: You will have an existing UIN and NetID. If there are any changes to your NetID password, the CITL registration staff will contact you.
  • For help with problems concerning NetID, NetID password, or e-mail: Contact the Tech Services Help Desk.

Enterprise ID

Before you use any Enterprise Application, you must first set up an Enterprise ID and password. Your Enterprise ID is distinct from your Campus NetID, in that it is guaranteed to be unique across the entire University—all campuses—and it conforms to more restrictive naming standards (numerous applications, including UI-Integrate/Banner, will not accept account names that contain a hyphen). Still, note that in most cases your Enterprise ID and your Campus NetID will be IDENTICAL. Each time you access an Enterprise Application, such as UI-Integrate Self-Service, you will be asked to enter your Enterprise ID and password to authenticate and access the website.

To obtain your Enterprise ID and set your password you must:

  1. Log in to the Password Reset website.
  2. Choose an Enterprise password that meets the University of Illinois Strong Password Criteria.
    Remember your Enterprise ID and chosen Password. You will be required to supply them each time you attempt to use UI Enterprise Applications.
  3. You can now log in to UI Enterprise Applications.

Note: The address information listed in UI-Integrate Student Self-Service portal will be the only address used by University of Illinois staff to contact students. Therefore, it is imperative that your personal information remains current.


All e-mail communications to University of Illinois students will be sent to the student's e-mail address as listed in the University of Illinois Electronic Directory (this includes information from departments, instructors, USFSCO Accounts Receivable Operations, Office of Admissions, and Office of the Registrar, CITL staff, etc.). To set up your University e-mail account, please visit the Tech Services E-mail page and follow the instructions.

Redirecting e-mail

If you do not wish to use your campus e-mail address, you must redirect your campus e-mail address to your personal e-mail address. For most students, this address is set to your Tech Services Google Apps @ Illinois e-mail account. To set up email redirects, review Tech Services guidelines or reach out to Tech Services for more information.