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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Research University Consortium for the Advancement of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Building Leadership and Community for Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning

A Carnegie Academy Leadership Cluster

This consortium of major research campuses and disciplinary societies in the United States, Canada, and Australia is assessing the position and potential of scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) in higher education. We have found that SOTL offers far-reaching possibilities for integrating discovery, learning, and public engagement. This international consortium supports the emerging recognition of the scholarship of teaching and learning as a powerful and integral component of the research university's mission and identity.

The scholarship of teaching and learning must be held to the same standards of rigor, relevance, peer review, and dissemination as other forms of disciplinary research and creative activity. It also must bring the same levels of rewards. The distinctive synergy between this research and teaching will advance our understanding of the relationship between teaching and learning and, most importantly, enhance student learning.

These institutions significantly affect higher education through the substantial number of future faculty that they educate. We collaborate to establish standards of excellence and models of process, recognition, and reward for this kind of scholarship.

Models, Resources, Reports

In order to advance the understanding, utility, and implementation of the scholarship of teaching and learning, the Research University Consortium has taken as its a central challenge a mapping of the field. We recognize that, while the work of an individual or campus may be compelling, more power and significance are possible if we better understand our collective activity. A mapping of that larger conversation will enable scholars, institutions, and organizations to more easily assess their work and set it in context. The anticipated result is more purposeful growth for the field and its institutionalization in higher education.

The Consortium's mapping proceeds along several lines. We have first taken up issues that are of particular salience for our research-priority institutions. However, we believe that those in other institutional contexts will be able to apply, adapt, and refine the following findings and recommendations.

  • Models of Scholarship. Genres of SOTL, examples of SOTL, SOTL Tutorial.
  • Models for Supporting Scholarship and Reflective Practice. A summary report and models of ways to promote SOTL.
  • Recognition and Rewards. A summary report, Iowa State's innovations, Change Magazine article, and models.
  • Preparing the Future Professoriate. A summary report, examples of SOTL courses.
  • Partnerships with Disciplinary Societies. A report of progress and participating groups.
  • Mapping the Field. Summary reports of SOTL activity at levels of the individual, institution, and consortium.
  • Creating a Global Context. The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL).
  • Goals.Three areas are of special interest to research universities. More>>

    Assumptions. To engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning, faculty members need support from their departments, colleges, universities, and disciplinary societies. More>>

    Related Initiatives. Mentoring, collaboration, multiculturalism, and other initiatives. More>>

    Tools for Scholarship. Bibliographies, where to publish, etc. More>>