Lists of Teachers Ranked As Excellent

These lists are compiled on an annual basis and reflect student ratings of instructors. The ratings are based on Instructor and Course Evaluation (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and
Evaluation, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning.

A couple of points to note:
  • In summer 2007 we dropped "Incomplete" from the list name. Criteria for making the list remain the same.
  • Until 1999–2000, the Incomplete List has always been published one semester after the data was collected. In the past, it also received the name from the semester in which it was published. Beginning with the Incomplete List published in the Fall 2000 semester (Spring 2000 data), the title of the list is now synonymous with the semester in which the data was obtained. Therefore, there are actually two "Spring 2000" lists, one from the Fall 1999 data and one from the Spring 2000 data.

By Academic Year