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5:30 PM–7:30 PM Tuesday Oct 24, 2017

G8B Foreign Languages Building


This course will show you how to run the most common bivariate statistical analyses in R. Topics covered include:

  1. Chi-square and Fisher's exact test
  2. Two-Independent samples t-test
  3. One-way ANOVA
  4. Bivariate correlation
  5. Bivariate regression
  6. Multivariate regression
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CITL Data Analytics

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11:30 AM–1:00 PM Wednesday Nov 1, 2017

Cheelan Bo-Linn (CITL)


Room 428 Armory Buildling (Southwest corner of the building)


Junior Faculty Seminar Series: Best Practices to Improve Student Learning

Come join this learning community by participating in this specially designed seminar series for junior faculty, though all are welcomed to participate. We'll share strategies and best practices for effective and efficient teaching. There will be great conversations, handouts, and lunch! Since each session builds on each other, we hope you will be able to attend all the meetings.  


Session 6: What We Know About Visual Learning & Thinking Applied to PowerPoint Presentations and More


Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017
11:30 – 1:00
Room 428, Armory Building 

As we have increasingly moved from blackboard to PowerPoint slides, it is essential to examine our slides to see if they enhance or detract from our students learning and comprehension.  When a PP deck is horribly designed, it can ruin our presentation. It is difficult enough for our students to see visually ineffective, confusing slides and then have their instructors read off the slides! What strategies can we use to ensure that our PP slides and other multimedia are effective tools that do not interfere with the message?    


Neuroscience and cognitive research have discovered how our brains process auditory and visual information, visual imagery being more easily remembered than some other forms of information.  Join this session to learn more about visual learning and thinking and how to apply that research to our teaching.

Please mark these sessions on your calendar
11:30 – 1:00 
Room 428, Armory Building

Wed, Sept. 20, 2017  Session 1: “I wish I had known that earlier”: Using Informal (IEF) and Formal (ICES) Feedback to Improve Teaching and Learning

Wed, Sept. 27, 2017  Session 2: Active Teaching à Active Learning: Strategies for Deep Learning and Retention

Wed, Oct. 4, 2017     Session 3: Improving Our Testing and Grading of Student Achievement

Wed, Oct. 11, 2017    Session 4: Supporting Our Students to Think Critically and Problem-Solve Creatively

Wed, Oct. 18, 2017    Session 5: Best Practices from Face-to-Face Courses to Online Courses

Wed, Nov. 1, 2017    Session 6: What We Know About Visual Learning Applied to PowerPoint Presentations and More….




Cost: No cost for joining the faculty learning community.

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)

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Tue Nov 07

Kaltura Essentials

10:30 AM–11:30 AM Tuesday Nov 7, 2017

Armory Building room 428

Description: Kaltura Essentials


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11:00 AM–12:00 PM Friday Nov 10, 2017

Lucas Anderson


Armory Building, room 428


Most students are able to meet your expectations, if they are willing to work hard.  In this workshop, Lucas will introduce you to a research-based theory of motivation, and guide you towards finding some motivational levers you could use to help your students achieve their best.

Cost: Free, but registration required

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

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9:00 AM–12:00 PM Monday Nov 13, 2017

Armory Building 428 (M-T); Education Building 166 (W)


Interested in offering an online course but not sure where to start? Want to learn how to build lecture videos or how to assess your online students? Need some help with the basic tools of Moodle or Compass?


CITL’s Create Your Own Online Course Workshop is designed to help you identify what is involved in creating an online course, help you get started, and provide resources for getting additional help.


The format of this workshop is flexible to your needs and availability. The entire workshop runs Monday through Wednesday, November 13-15, from 9:00 AM to noon each day. On Monday and Tuesday, the workshop will be held in 428 Armory. 


You’re welcome to sign-up for all three mornings of the workshop (9 hours in total) in order to have an intensive experience, covering all of the bases. Alternatively, you can also pick and choose which topics are of interest to you and attend just for those sessions. Attendees of the workshop will also have access to an “office hours” after the Fall Break for a one-on-one consultation with experts from CITL.


The workshop is open to all Illinois faculty, staff, eLearning Professionals, and TAs. The workshop is free of charge, but we do ask you to indicate via the RSVP form which days you will attend (even if you plan to only stay for 30 minutes). Contact Katie Glaze ( if you have questions.


Download the tentative agenda or RSVP now

Cost: Free

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)

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Open Now!

Come and explore CITL's new Armory Innovation Spaces designed to foster discovery, innovation, and problem solving to help transform learning across campus. Whether you're faculty looking to reinvent your course, a student group interested in sharing your expertise, or an individual exploring new technologies - our spaces are open to all. 

The Armory Innovation Spaces include the Illinois Innovation Studio, a 25 seat interactive, visualization space; the Illinois Innovation TechHub, a technology exploration and experimentation space; the Virtual Reality Lab, for research and design of immersive educational experiences; and the Illinois Innovation Classroom, a one-of-a-kind, mixed-seating iFlex classroom for up to 45 students.

Stop by the Armory Innovation Spaces today to explore an emerging technology, try out the interactive video wall, tour a new flexible classroom, or immerse yourself in a virtual experience.

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Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.48.45
Screenshot 2017-09-07 18.48.34

Get involved

The Armory Innovation Spaces offer unique opportunities for everyone to get involved in transforming teaching and learning at the University of Illinois. Here are just a few ideas.

Faculty: Work with our consultants to explore an emerging technology or re-imagine your teaching. Share your passion in our Teaching Innovations Seminar Series. Partner with us on project-based activities or let CITL serve as your client for real-world learning opportunities. Schedule your course or class session in one of our new Armory Innovation Spaces.

Students: Explore the latest technologies in our hands-on, interactive exhibits. Schedule a virtual reality experience. Collaborate with your teammates on project-based work in a high-tech ideation space. Practice your presentation skills at open mic night or share your expertise through student led workshops.

Campus Units: Reach more students with a sponsored exhibit in the TechHub. Join the consortium of open-access spaces on campus for cross promotion and referrals.

Corporate Partners: Increase exposure to your latest products through a featured exhibit or in-kind donation. Sponsor a showcase event to highlight the educational impact of your products and services. Work with us to gather student input and feedback.

We'd love to hear your ideas! Contact us using the Get Involved button, below.
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Course Partnerships and Projects

CIV courseARCH 571: Digital Technology and the Analog Object

Architecture professors John Stallmeyer and Hugh Swiatek created their course ARCH 571: Digital Technology and the Analog Object around a semester long project in which students are designing a suite of furniture for use in the Illinois Innovation Studio. The project involves five student groups, each producing a design concept for the suite of furnishing and a working prototype of the main worktable to be used within the space. View the photo gallery




ENG 333/598 Creativity, Innovation and Vision

Students in the CIV course, lead by Bruce Litchfield, Esteban Gast, and Keilin Tarum Jahnke, completed a one-week ideation project with CITL representatives serving as real-world clients, and the students working as creative consultants to brainstorm the most effective use of the new innovation studio. 




student exhibit in downtown gallery for ARTE 475: Art Exhibition Practices course


ARTE 475: Art Exhibition Practices

Students in Professor Bergmark's art exhibition course created a virtual reality focused exhibition in downtown Champaign.