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12:00 PM–1:00 PM Monday May 1, 2017

428 Armory Building (southwest corner of the building)


Interested in how virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are poised to impact education? Please join us for an Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) webinar as we learn more and share our own campus experiences.

Title: Virtual and Augmented Reality: Stepping Into the New Frontier of Learning

Description: Originally a fantasy of science fiction, virtual and augmented reality are quickly entering the education landscape. This webinar will review recent and upcoming developments in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality as well as industry trends we believe will shape the future of immersive learning. VR, AR, and mixed reality are creating compelling learning experiences across the curriculum from STEM to digital humanities and medical education. Experiments suggest this is only the beginning—VR could become a social platform that will transform how we communicate, create, and collaborate. VR paired with AI engines would make personalized learning ubiquitous. As these devices and platforms enter our lives, how do we address the challenges of adoption and the design of immersive experiences that foster student engagement and creativity? We will identify devices, content examples, emerging practices, and strategies to help you kick-start your own VR and AR projects.

Website: Link
Cost: Free
Event Source: CITL Calendar

12:00 PM–12:50 PM Wednesday May 3, 2017

428 Armory Building (southwest corner of the building)


Deana McDonagh will share how she brings experiential learning into the classroom to encourage learning by doing. She will also share student project work that embodies this approach. Experiencing the experience of another enables students to design real solutions, for real people within real contexts. The session will be informative, enjoyable and a little hands-on for those who wish to experience being drunk or concussed without any long term effects.

Website: Link
Cost: Free
Event Source: CITL Calendar

All Day

Foellinger Auditorium

Description: Fall Graduate Academy & Grading Symposium
Event Source: CITL Calendar

Coming Fall 2017

The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning is in the final stages of design and development of a new suite of interdisciplinary learning spaces within the Armory building. The new Armory Innovation Spaces include the Illinois Innovation Studio, a 24 seat classroom and project-based learning lab; the Illinois Innovation TechHub, a technology exploration and experimentation space; and the Illinois Innovation Classroom, a one-of-a-kind, mixed-seating learning space for up to 45 students. Combined these spaces offer unique teaching and learning opportunities for hands-ons collaboration in technology-rich environments. 

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Course Partnerships and Projects

CIV courseARCH 571: Digital Technology and the Analog Object

Architecture professors John Stallmeyer and Hugh Swiatek created their course ARCH 571: Digital Technology and the Analog Object around a semester long project in which students are designing a suite of furniture for use in the Illinois Innovation Studio. The project involves five student groups, each producing a design concept for the suite of furnishing and a working prototype of the main worktable to be used within the space. View the photo gallery




ENG 333/598 Creativity, Innovation and Vision

Students in the CIV course, lead by Bruce Litchfield, Esteban Gast, and Keilin Tarum Jahnke, completed a one-week ideation project with CITL representatives serving as real-world clients, and the students working as creative consultants to brainstorm the most effective use of the new innovation studio. 

Events and Programming

The Armory Innovation Spaces will host events and programming suitable for a variety of audiences.

For Faculty:

  • Teaching with Technology Seminar Series
  • Active learning classroom space
  • Blended course initiative
  • Scheduled course visits
  • Walk in technology consultations

For Students:

  • Student presentation practice sessions
  • Project-based collaboration spaces
  • RSO meeting opportunities
  • Student-led workshops and outreach events

For Everyone:

  • Virtual and augmented reality experiences
  • Hands-on technology exploration
  • TED Talks, Pecha Kucha, Shark Tank event
architectural rendering of the Illinois Innovation Studio
architectural rendering of the Illinois Innovation TechHub