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Foellinger Auditorium

Description: Fall Graduate Academy & Grading Symposium
Event Source: CITL Calendar

Illinois Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio is a new CITL collaborative learning space aimed at transforming the undergraduate educational experience. With a large video wall and interactive touchable, the room will function as a student-centered, high-tech ideation and visualization space as well as a 25-person classroom for three select courses per term.

The Innovation Studio has been designed to collect and analyze data about student learning in collaborative, project-based environments. We look forward to partnering with interested faculty to design and develop research initiatives aimed at understanding how students learn through peer interaction, self-directed exploration, and purposeful metacognitive reflection.

Space Features

  • Six-screen, multitouch video wall with wireless presentation capabilities
  • 55-inch interactive touch table
  • Ceiling mounted remote controlled IP cameras
  • Video recording and archiving capabilities
  • Three large worktables with power and video wall connectivity
  • Three BYOD workstations with 40 inch monitors
  • iPad charging station with 10 iPads for in-class use
  • Individual storage lockers for short-term student use

Fall 2017 Events

  • RSO workshops including Makergirls, Illini Drone Club and Mobile App development with CocoaNuts
  • Teaching Innovations Seminar Series
  • UIUC Vis Lab 3D scanning workshops
  • Vendor showcase events