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Foellinger Auditorium

Description: Fall Graduate Academy & Grading Symposium
Event Source: CITL Calendar

Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab will open in the Fall of 2017 offering 30-minute reservable timeslots for anyone interested in experiencing virtual reality using the HTC Vive. This 20 x 20 lab will feature a full-room configuration including the Vive headset, sensors and interactive controllers that allow you to move through virtual environments and take control of your virtual experience.

In addition the VR Lab will serve as a research and testing grounds for faculty interested in exploring the educational potential of existing VR experiences, or in developing and assessing their own interactive VR content.

Research Goal

The Virtual Reality Lab has been designed to collect and analyze data pertaining to the learning affordances of virtual reality as well as the behaviors and learning strategies of users as they experience educational content through this medium.