Courses on College Teaching

Looking to develop additional competencies in the field of education? College teaching is a true profession in its own right, supported by a solid base of knowledge derived from empirical studies on learning and student development, the effects of college on students, and the management of learning in complex organizations. Professional educators always benefit from a solid foundation in both teaching theory and practice. Formal coursework can help you to:

  • Apply effective principles of course design and planning
  • Integrate teaching and assessment strategies to enhance student learning
  • Reflect on your personal beliefs and practices about teaching and learning

Graduate Minor in College Teaching

The department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership offers a Graduate Minor in College Teaching. The minor provides students with the opportunity to explore scholarly literature on and the practice of teaching and learning in postsecondary settings. In addition to EOL 585 (details below), the following courses are part of this minor. 

EOL 572: The College Student

EOL 573: The Community College

EOL 574: Diversity in Higher Education

EOL 582: College Student Development

EOL 586: Changing College Curriculum                                                                                                                                                                  

EOL 585:College Teaching and Academic Careers: College and university professors have traditionally been better prepared in the practice of research than in the practice of teaching. This course is designed to help prepare future faculty members for their teaching duties. The course is both theoretical and applied, with course readings from the research literature on college teaching and learning. Many opportunities are provided in and out of class for reflection, dialogue, and feedback. This course is typically offered in the Spring semester.

Additional courses

Other courses about college teaching within specific fields and disciplines are also offered on campus. This list may not be exhaustive, but indicates the types of courses generally available. Some courses are limited to graduate students in the department and others are taken by permission of the instructor. Some college teaching courses may be offered under the rubrics of special studies, special topics, or pro-seminars. Most of the courses are not offered each semester. Check the university course catalog and/or the department for details, relevant prerequisites and requirements.