Instructional Media Resources


A collaboration between CITL and ATLAS from the College of LAS, the CITL-ATLAS Instructional Media Resources team is a professional audio and video production unit that provides curricular media production services by developing custom multimedia materials tailored to the needs of your courses for use in the classroom or online. Building on the strengths of teaching in the classroom, our media team works closely with educators to take a multifaceted approach to the creation of curricular video, where the instructional content directs the approach. From lectures to interviews, to simulations and demonstrations, to skits and dramatizations, we will work with you to accomplish your goals.

As part of our curricular media development process, we provide:

Curricular media consultations

Our media team works with you to identify the intricacies of your course or discipline to unearth more effective methods of presenting challenging material in a way that complements your teaching style. Often this includes components not possible in the physical classroom, which are now made accessible with media.    

Production support by a professional curricular media team

  •  Studio and field video production   
  • Advanced post-production, including graphic design, green screen, and animations
  • State-of-the-art distribution technology
  • Securing your intellectual property rights and meeting state/federal accessibility requirements
  • Media archiving that ensures that your recordings will be available for long-term online distribution and use, regardless of how formats and technologies evolve in the future

The Lightboard Studio

We built a Lightboard Studio to help fill the gap between purely DIY video production and the fully supported production model that is our team's specialty. If you fall into this gap and don't believe that the Lightboard Studio is the teaching tool for you, consider using the Media Commons Video Production Studio offered by the Library.