ICES Online

ICES Online is an entirely web-based student rating system. Any Illinois online or CITL off-campus course can use ICES Online. If you would like to use ICES Online, it would be wise to contact us by mid-semester to ensure that we can set up your course within the system. We can only load instructors (faculty or TAs) who have a greater than 0% responsibility for the course (as listed in Banner). Department course schedulers are listed on the Registrar's page.

NOTE: While the system will send notes to the students, it is still very important that instructors remind students to complete the online evaluation of their course.

ICES Online uses the University's SiteMinder authentication system (NetID and password) to validate instructor, student, and administrator access. ICES Online is coordinated and housed on a secure server. Those instructors who use ICES Online will still be eligible for the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students as well as Longitudinal Profiles, which are used for tenure and promotion decisions. Normative comparisons will not be reported until sufficient data are available.

Note: Using ICES Online is a departmental decision. Individual instructors cannot sign up to use the online version if their department as a whole has chosen to use the paper-and-pencil version.