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The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)

The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) is a hub of innovation and hands-on support for those who want to discuss and work with higher education trends, models, projects, and resources. CITL uses leading pedagogical approaches, research-based methodologies, innovative instructional technologies, and comprehensive assessment practices to strengthen teaching efforts and improve student learning outcomes. Central to our modern mission is strengthening the linkages between CITL and colleges, programs, and units across the University that are integral to the teaching and learning missions of the university. Through our programs and activities, colleagues can share ideas and expertise with one another, learn of new developments in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and strengthen their teaching skills and strategies. 

CITL offers the following main resources to the Illinois campus:

  1. Support the development, marketing, delivery and evaluation of online courses and programs. 
  2. Provide essential services for teaching evaluations, learning outcome assessments, new student testing/placement, and exam processing.
  3. Provide training and assistance with instructional pedagogies and technologies to departments, faculty, staff and teaching assistants.
  4. Provide personalized support to instructors who want to create, revise or blend a course.
  5. Help the development, use, and evaluation of rich and creative learning environments.

In collaboration with campus units and other thought leaders within the academy, we spark new ideas, strategies, and knowledge to shape 21st century teaching and learning.


  • Instructional Support & Training (IST)
  • Administrative Services (Contracts and Program Accounting)


Explore and promote innovative teaching to support transformative learning experiences in all modalities.


Enriching and Transforming the Intellectual Academic Growth and Skill Acquisition of our Students 

Supporting Reflective and Responsive Teaching 

Sharing Innovative Ideas and Expertise on Teaching and Learning 

Leading Innovative Development in Pedagogy, Tools, Technology, Concept and Delivery 

Expanding Scholarship, Lifelong Learning and Career Potential


The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning takes stakeholder input very seriously. Lining up our services with campus strategic planning efforts and receiving information from the various groups we serve are vital to achieving campus objectives. Our stakeholder groups also help CITL get the word out and ensure we're providing the entire campus with a comprehensive set of services to promote innovative teaching and learning across disciplines. 


505 East Armory Avenue, Suite 156, Champaign, IL-61820, MC-528

  • Phone: (217) 333-3370
  • Fax: (217) 244-4431
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(Mail: 608 South Mathews Avenue, Urbana, MC-460)

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