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About Instructional Spaces & Technologies
The Instructional Spaces & Technologies group offers programs and services aimed at developing transformative learning experiences across all instructional modalities. Whether you teach in online, face-to-face, or blended instructional spaces, our staff can assist you in adopting the latest technologies and evidence-based practices that best support and enhance teaching and learning.

IFlex interactive Classrooms

Classroom interaction results in better retention and increased satisfaction among students in all disciplines, and IFLEX interactive classrooms are  an important part of that dynamic on this campus. From designing new classrooms, to developing new strategies for teaching, our staff is helping to reimagine engaged learning on this campus—one classroom at a time. Learn more about CITL support for IFLEX interactive classrooms. 

Armory Innovation Spaces

The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) developed three innovative spaces designed around undergraduate student engagement and transdisciplinary problem solving. These new spaces opened in Fall 2017 complimenting existing flexible and collaborative learning spaces in the Armory. Read more about the Armory Innovation Spaces here.

Teaching Technologies

New technologies offer many options to structure precisely how you and your students communicate. They can give your students greater voice, help you know what your students know, make class time more engaging, increase time-on-task, and provide new ways to present concepts that were previously impossible. The Instructional Spaces & Technology group seeks to raise the awareness and thoughtful use of technologies in the service of teaching and learning across campus. Learn more about teaching with technology. 


eText delivers textbooks and other classroom materials with multimedia, notes, and assignments embedded directly in context. Instructors can add original or existing materials easily, and students can save 40-75% versus traditional books. Anyone with a University of Illinois netID and an up-to-date web browser can access eText content from any computer or mobile device, regardless of their visual abilities. Learn more about eText.