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4:00 PM–5:00 PM Thursday Nov 21, 2019

Killi Solai - Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning


Armory Room 172 - Innovation Studio


Introduction to 360 Degree Video Production. Join us to explore pre-production and preparation for a 360 degree video shoot, field production best practices for a point and shoot 360 degree capture, and post-production with GoPro Fusion Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro and GoPro VR Plugins.


The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

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Location: This Learning Life Photo Competition Submission Deadline

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Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Event Source: CITL Calendar

Face to Face (F2F) and Blended Courses

Great teaching and great course design go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking to pilot a new learning activity, revise your current course, or create something from scratch, our consultants can help streamline your development process.

Developing or Revising a Face-to-Face Course

From learning activities to learning outcomes CITL staff can work with you to plan or revise your face-to-face course. Even if you just want to tweak a few things, or add some online components, we can recommend evidence-based practices and time-saving tips to help you get the results you want. Whether you’re changing a little or a lot, a consultation with our friendly staff will get you on the right track.

Enhance your Face-to-Face Course with "Flipped" Components

“Flipping” parts of your face-to-face course frees up more in-class time for practical applications. CITL consultants can help you identify lessons or activities that would benefit from being moved online, and help you navigate the development process to create course enhancements that really work. Flipping is a great way to balance online and in-class activities, and it’s easier than you think! Ask for a consult today.

Blended Courses: The Best of Both Worlds

Faculty who begin by flipping parts of their face-to-face course often go on to develop a fully blended course. Students like the flexibility of blended learning, and often say that they learn better by watching lectures online and doing practical activities in class. CITL consultants can help you to develop you own video lectures and align in-class and online components for a "best of both worlds" course experience.

Just-in-Time Course Development Resources

Want to get started on your project today? We offer a library of evidence-based teaching strategies for all course delivery methods, as well as quick-start guides for recommended technologies. If you want to explore resources for developing an online course check out the tools available in our Online Course In-A-Box.