Transitioning to Blended Instruction
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Whether you’re an experienced online and blended instructor or new to the hybrid classroom, the following resources can help you prepare your summer and fall courses. Still stuck? Reach out to our experts for assistance.

Blended Course Design

Student Engagement

Teaching a blended course offers unique opportunities to strategically integrate live online sessions, asynchronous online activities and in-class active learning strategies. You should consider what portions of the course are best accomplished individually by students in the online environment and what activities would benefit from a live online session, or in class with other students.


Assessment Strategies

Teaching in the online environment allows you to think beyond the usual assessment options and consider other ways students can demonstrate their understanding. Ask yourself how you will know if a student has learned a concept or skill? What authentic task could they complete to demonstrate this understanding? Whatever the assessment method you choose, you'll want to use a grading rubric to tell them how, or how well, they need to complete each task and offer examples of exceptional work when possible.

Online Platforms

Campus offers a variety of online learning platforms that can be combined and integrated allowing faculty the flexibility to deliver their course in the manner that best suites their discipline and needs of their students. These tools can help you communicate effectively with your students, create and distribute course content, connect and collaborate in live online sessions and much more. These resources will help you determine the best tool to meet your needs.

Course Materials & Production

Planning a course or altering an existing one allows faculty to revisit their course content, or learning goals. It can be helpful to think ‘backwards’ by asking yourself precisely what you want the students to know or do by the end of the term.  It's best NOT to approach the development of a blended course by transitioning what you've always done in class, into the online environment. Take time to brainstorm new and creative ways to accomplish your goals. What might you do differently now than you did before?


Moving any portion of your course to the online environment brings new legal challenges and obligations. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your responsibilities for protecting student privacy, developing accessible content and following copyright best practices.

Are you feeling stuck? Reach out to the professionals for assistance!