Being Learner-Centered

Importance in the World

Colleges and universities are facing increasing scrutiny, and the pressure to change is driving a paradigm shift in undergraduate education.* The underlying message is that teacher-centered institutions and lecture-based instructional methods are outdated. As new research evolves in brain science, learning environments, and instructional technologies, a growing number of institutions are embracing the learner-centered experience in higher education. 

Importance on Campus

The University of Illinois is leading -- and being led by -- this changing educational paradigm. From being an institution focused primarily on instruction to becoming one that is committed to transformative learning experiences for students, the strategic framework of this campus is to create and nurture a welcoming, learner-centered community for all.

“Our vision will be far-reaching and its foundation will be wholly student-centered.”

-- President Timothy Killeen

How Can CITL Help You to be Learner-Centered

Evidence-based faculty development, award-winning innovations in course design, research on effective classroom environments, and the use of assessment data to improve learning outcomes are the four cornerstones of CITL services. Our dynamic, flexible team of professionals is dedicated to supporting and promoting student-centered innovations in teaching and learning on this campus. 

* Barr, Robert, and Tagg, John. “From Teaching To Learning: A New Paradigm For Undergraduate Education.” Change, November/ December 1995