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Welcome to our budding community, a space where we hope to see collaboration and knowledge exchange thrive.  Here, you can both contribute and gain insights into the innovative ways in which our faculty, instructors, students, and staff are using GenAI tools to develop new teaching and learning methodologies. In addition, we hope that this platform will serve as a forum for thoughtful and respectful conversations to address the ethical complexities of GenAI.

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Voices from the Campus

Jiheng Jing, Ph. D. student and teaching assistant in Mechanical Engineering (Grainger)

In this article, Jiheng Jing, a Ph. D. student and teaching assistant in the Grainger College of Engineering, discusses AI and how he uses it for his projects, studies, and recent entrepreneurial efforts.

Watch this short video where Jiheng Jing uses AristAI. 


Jonathan Makela, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering (Grainger)

In this article, Jonathan Makela, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the Grainger College of Engineering, discusses how he's been exploring the potential of generative AI for reaching, learning, and research.

Watch this short video where Jonathan talks about how teachers can get started with AI. 

Makela 1

Watch this short video where Jonathan discusses Advising Bots.

 Makela 2


Vishal Sachdev,  Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration (Gies)

In this article, learn how Gies Professor Vishal Sachdev designed course bots to enhance student learning and ensure appropriate use of Generative AI in the classroom.  

Watch this short video where Vishal discusses creating the Debate Bot.



Past Events

Rhetoric Workshop: "Writing Assignments in the Age of AI"

December 10, 2023

This presentation on writing assignments in the Age of AI is led by University of Illinois Rhetoric Program faculty Kristi McDuffie, Dana Kinzy, and Dani Nyikos.

  • Kristi McDuffie is the Director of Rhetoric and oversees the first-year writing program at UIUC, which teachers around 4,000 students a year. In addition to teaching and leading writing program initiatives, she studies the rhetoric of social justice movements. 
  • Dana Kinzy is the Associate Director of Rhetoric and a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Dept. of English. In addition to teaching writing at a variety of levels, she trains current and future writing teachers and conducts research at the intersection of literacy and identity. 
  • Dani Nyikos is a Lecturer in the Dept. Of English where they teach first-year writing, game design, and creative writing classes. They have trained a few (comparatively small) large language models of their own, including one from the works of Jane Austen.

Teaching with Innovative Technologies Coffee Talk

November 3, 2023

Through the Faculty Ranks Series

October 19, 2023

Through the Faculty Ranks Series Click on image to watch workshop.

GradLIFE: AI @ Illinois

October 5-6, 2023

The Graduate College explores AI's influence on graduate student experiences through the blog series GradLIFE: AI @ Illinois. This series features thematic posts and insightful interviews that shed light on the impact of artificial intelligence on students' academic journeys. 

AI x Education: Generating the Future of Education with AI

August 5-6, 2023

Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence: Implications on Teaching & Learning

March 3, 2023

ChatGPT panel discussion CITL put together a diverse group of campus stakeholders to open up the conversation around this disruptive technology and discuss the implications for teaching and learning in higher education. Our panel discussion, Artificial Intelligence: Implications on Teaching & Learning, is hosted by Jordan Leising, Instructional Designer (CITL) and Jamie Nelson, Assistant Director, Emerging Technologies (CITL) and Associate Director, Educational Technologies (Gies).