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Welcome to our budding community, a space where we hope to see collaboration and knowledge exchange thrive.  Here, you can both contribute and gain insights into the innovative ways in which our faculty, instructors, students, and staff are using GenAI tools to develop new teaching and learning methodologies. In addition, we hope that this platform will serve as a forum for thoughtful and respectful conversations to address the ethical complexities of GenAI.

What's Happening

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We have created a Generative AI in Education community in Microsoft Teams, as a place to learn, share, and help each other.

Learn more about the Generative AI Center of Expertise

Generative AI is a rapidly emerging technology that is impacting higher education. To focus diverse expertise on guidance, support and standardization, Provost John Coleman and CIO Mairéad Martin have charged a new Generative AI Center of Expertise (GenAI CoE). The GenAI CoE will support innovation by defining and implementing infrastructure, procurement pathways and best practices.

GradLIFE: AI @ Illinois

The Graduate College explores AI's influence on graduate student experiences through the blog series GradLIFE: AI @ Illinois. This series features thematic posts and insightful interviews that shed light on the impact of artificial intelligence on students' academic journeys. 

Past Events

Teaching with Innovative Technologies Coffee Talk

November 3, 2023

In this event, Gies College of Business instructors shared how they integrated some GenAI elements into their coursework. Fei Du, Associate Professor of Accountacy, discussed teaching in an AI-assisted and app-driven environment (See the PDF of her presentation). Then, Sandra Corredor, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, and Melanie Wiscount, Associate Learning Designer, provided insights on using ChatGPT in the MBA 590 capstone course (See the PDF of their presentation). Corredor and Wiscount also provided a Top Ten Tips guide for integrating AI assessments into a course.

Check out the Nov. 3 talk, 5 Things You Should Know. You may also view previous Teaching with Innovative Technologies Coffee Hour events.

Through the Faculty Ranks Series

October 19, 2023

Through the Faculty Ranks Series Click on image to watch workshop.

This virtual workshop series, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, recently hosted an online event, called Iron Chef: The Secret Ingredient of Generative AI in Education, exploring how AI-driven technologies  are "poised to revolutionize the way we design and deliver content in educational settings." Tawnya Means, Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation and Chief Learning Officer at Gies College of Business, and Jamie Nelson, Associate Director of Educational Innovation at the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, presented.

During the workshop, attendees explored the possibilities of generative AI for the education of the future, uncovered some of the latest trends and concerns among those in academia, and learned about the various campus resources to support faculty on this topic. Through an engaging demonstration, they also saw firsthand how generative AI can elevate course content to "gourmet" levels, adding flavor, depth, and creativity and empowering educators with tools to make classroom content more dynamic, customized, and relevant than ever before.

AI x Education: Generating the Future of Education with AI

August 5-6, 2023

A team of students from the University of Illinois hosted an online conference designed to provide a platform for educators, administrators, AI experts, students, parents, and EdTech leaders to discuss the impact of AI on education, address current challenges and potentials, share their perspectives and experiences, and explore innovative solutions. A special emphasis was placed on including students' voices in the conversation, highlighting their unique experiences and insights as the primary beneficiaries of these educational transformations. Keynote speakers included: Kristen DiCerbo, Chief Learning Officer at Khan Academy; Chris Dede, Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education; and Stephen Wolfram, the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. The conference report and videos from the conference are available for review.

Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence: Implications on Teaching & Learning

March 3, 2023

ChatGPT panel discussion CITL put together a diverse group of campus stakeholders to open up the conversation around this disruptive technology and discuss the implications for teaching and learning in higher education. Our panel discussion, Artificial Intelligence: Implications on Teaching & Learning, is hosted by Jordan Leising, Instructional Designer (CITL) and Jamie Nelson, Assistant Director, Emerging Technologies (CITL) and Associate Director, Educational Technologies (Gies) Our panelists include Julie Baker, Learning Design Specialist, ATLAS; Ahmed Elbanna, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Antonio Hamilton, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Center for Writing Studies; Heng Ji, Professor, Computer Science; Volodymyr Kindratenko, Director, Center for AI Innovation at NCSA; Tawnya Means, Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation & Chief Learning Officer at Gies College of Business; Ted Underwood, Professor, English; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School for Information Sciences. Special Guests: Joe Barnes, Chief Digital Risk Officer, Executive VP & VP Academic Affairs, University Administration; Gaby Venatta, eLearning Professional, Technology Services; Campus Service Manager for Turnitin.