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Qualtrics Account Transition Guidance

Campus has recently purchased a campus wide Qualtrics license.  College/Unit Qualtrics accounts will no longer be accessible by December 2023.  All University students, staff and faculty will now be able to login directly to Qualtrics. Note: You will be able to have two Qualtrics accounts during this process to facilitate copying projects to the new account.

Existing surveys under a college/unit license will need to be copied to the Campus-level account or archived in a personal space. Instructions on how to do this are linked below. Note: every survey will need to be saved or copied separately.  There is no way to do this all at once. 

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Qualtrics Migration Guidance

If you need to migrate content from a department/college Qualtrics account to the campus-wide Illinois Qualtrics, these guidelines will help you determine which migration option is best for you, what steps to take, and things to be aware of to help you avoid losing data.

Note: Throughout this guide, we refer to unit/college Qualtrics accounts as “old” accounts and UIUC campus-wide accounts as “new” accounts.


Regardless of the option you choose, the following content will not migrate.

  • Surveys owned by others.
    • When your account is migrated, only surveys owned by you will migrate.
    • Any surveys that were shared with you must be re-shared after the migration.  
    • Similarly, if you have shared surveys with others, you must re-share them after the migration.
  • Any API integrations you've set up. 
    • You will have to modify the integration to use the API key from your new account.
  • Any text topics from Text iQ.
    • If you'd like to keep your text topics, you will need to export your topics from your old account and import them into your new account.  
  • Any survey reports.
    • These must be manually recreated in your new account.
  • Any workflows.
    • These must be manually recreated in your new account.
    • This includes but is not limited to workflows that email respondents a copy of their responses or that populate a spreadsheet.
  • Any contact lists. (AKA directories, mailing lists)
    • Contact lists can be exported before your account is migrated, and then uploaded to the new account after migration.

There are three options to migrate content between Qualtrics accounts: 

  1. Self-migration. You can manually download your surveys, library contents, and data, and then upload them into your new account.
    1. This works well if you have a small number of surveys, and zero or few important files in your personal Qualtrics library.
    2. You can contact us if you have questions.


  2. CITL-Data Analytics Group migration. In many cases, the CITL Data Analytics Group can migrate your data for you.
    1. The process can be completed in around a week. When it’s finished, please double-check the results.
    2. This process will migrate your surveys and libraries. If you have workflows or survey reports, you will need to recreate them in your new account. If you have contact lists, you will need to download them yourself and upload them into your new account.


  3. Qualtrics Support Migration (also called a “user move”). You can apply with the CITL-Data Analytics Group for Qualtrics Support to migrate your account.
    1. This is recommended for accounts that have many surveys and/or large Qualtrics libraries.  
    2. The process takes around a month.
    3. Your old account will be deleted when the contents are migrated.
    4. You should finish or manually migrate any ongoing projects before requesting a Qualtrics Support Migration.
    5. Some data cannot be transferred. Specifically, if you have workflows, survey reports, and/or contact lists, you will need to migrate them yourself before Qualtrics Support migrates your account.

Things to consider:

  • How many surveys are in your Qualtrics account?
    • If you have less than 10 surveys, we recommend self-migration unless one of the situations below applies to you.
  • Do you have complex workflows , survey reports, or extensive contact lists in your existing account?
    • If so, we suggest CITL-Data Analytics Group migration or self-migration to migrate the content, so that you can manually recreate the workflows/contact lists in your new account.
    • If Qualtrics Support migrates your account, the old account will be deleted, so you would need to document your workflows/contact lists in advance to recreate them.
  • How many library files do you have, and do you need them to migrate?
    • If you have zero or few files, or do not need the files in your new account, self-migration is a safe option.
    • If you have more files, CITL-Data Analytics Group can migrate all types of library files.
    • If you have a very large number of files, especially files that are not graphics or messages, it’s easiest if Qualtrics Support migrates your account.
  • Are you actively collecting data right now?
    • If you are, and data collection will finish before the end of December 2023, contact us and ask to keep your account active until data collection is finished.
    • If you are, and data collection will not finish in 2023, you must find a time to interrupt data collection and migrate the survey.
    • You may wish to separate your migration into parts: One part for the active survey, and one part for your other surveys.
      • For the active survey, follow the process outlined below.
      • For the other surveys, you can migrate them via self-migration or CITL-Data Analytics Group migration now, or depending on your timeline, you may be able to wait until the active survey is finished and then move all your surveys at once.
    • Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Qualtrics Migration Detailed Instructions

  • Self-Migration

  • CITL-Data Analytics Group Migration

  • Qualtrics Support Migration

If you are actively collecting data:

Points to remember:

  • You will lose access to your old account at the end of 2023, so transfer anything you need before then.
  • To prevent response data from getting lost, your survey must not be actively collecting responses while it is migrated. The easiest way to ensure that nobody will respond is to mark the survey as “Closed.”
  • The survey URL will change in the migration, so you will have to redistribute the survey.
    • We highly recommend using a ShortURL (“go-link”) in Webtools that links to your survey URL.
      (Students: your advisor can create a ShortURL for you)
    • However, you can follow the same process without a ShortURL by skipping Step 1 below and in Step 3, distributing the new URL instead of the ShortURL.
  • Contact lists / distribution lists / mailing lists cannot be migrated. You should export them before the migration.

Moving an active survey:

  1. Prepare.
    1. Create a ShortURL and link it to the existing survey.
    2. Change distribution materials (fliers, QR codes, emails, etc.) to publish the ShortURL.
    3. Identify the best time to interrupt data collection.
  2. Set-up.
    1. Make a copy of the survey in your new Illinois Qualtrics account.
  3. Migrate the survey.
    1. At the time you identified, change the ShortURL to reference the new survey.
  4. Migrate the data.
    1. Once the new survey is live and you are sure nobody is filling out the old survey, close the old survey.
    2. Then, download the data from the old survey and upload it into the new survey to combine it with the new data.
  5. Moving forward.
    1. Now that you have a ShortURL, you can change the survey URL as needed with no problems.
    2. This can be helpful to separate class sections over multiple semesters or for different waves of a longitudinal study.

Qualtrics Transition FAQs