1. What is ICES?

  2. Where can I find a copy of the ICES Item Catalog?

  3. What does an ICES Questionnaire look like?

  4. How can I order ICES Questionnaires for my classes?

  5. Will my teaching assistants receive their own information packets for ordering ICES forms?

  6. What does an ICES request form look like?

  7. Does my department have a core?

  8. What are my ICES options?

  9. How many items can I put on an ICES questionnaire?

  10. When is the deadline for turning in requests for ICES questionnaires?

  11. What are the ICES complete forms?

  12. Does a student just put the ICES forms in campus mail?

  13. When will I get the ICES results?

  14. Can I get a copy of Newsletter #4 (ICES Interpretive Guide)?

  15. How are ICES ratings used?

  16. Who has access to my ICES results?

  17. What is the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students... and how can I get on it?

  18. What is the university student publication and what questions do they use?

  19. What is an ICES longitudinal profile?

  20. I want to use the same items I used last semester. Will I have to complete a new request form this semester?

  21. How do I know if I should use the web-based ICES Online system or the paper-and-pencil ICES system for my course?

  22. Can I use ICES Online in place of the paper-and-pencil ICES system for my course?