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Teaching Evaluation: Longitudinal Profiles

ICES longitudinal profiles contain a chronological listing of your ratings for ICES items 1 and 2. Longitudinal profiles are often utilized in promotion and tenure applications, teaching awards decisions, and department third-year reviews. Faculty and teaching assistants can request a profile at any time by completing a Longitudinal Profile Request Form. If you have questions, contact us at or by calling 217-244-3846.

If the request for the longitudinal profile is from the unit executive officer, only data previously released to the department will be included. If the request comes directly from the instructor, all ICES results will be included on the longitudinal profile.

It takes approximately ten business days to produce and send a longitudinal profile. All profiles are PDFs and are sent via PEAR. You will receive an email from PEAR when your profile is available.

View a sample longitudinal profile.