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Advancements in online learning technology have created new opportunities for Illinois to connect with students all over the world. Illinois Online is the aggregate brand for online courses, certificates, programs, and massive online open courses. CITL leads Illinois Online marketing and communications to promote online study to a wide range of campus, community, and industry audiences.

The CITL/Illinois Online marketing team also partners with academic units to develop strategic marketing and communication plans, reach prospective students, and achieve enrollment goals for online programs. From new program launch strategy to current program user experience audits, we can provide an objective assessment of current academic program marketing activity and recommend effective and measurable solutions.

  • We recommend communication content strategy and best practices
  • We position Illinois as a leader in innovative and transformative education
  • We pursue innovative ways to build awareness and promote student inquiries
  • We think creatively to unveil, celebrate and spotlight academic program excellence
  • We help align academic programming marketing with industry and pedagogy
  • We maximize findability via search engine optimization and targeted advertising
  • We create communication partnerships and campus advocates
  • We monitor effectiveness, beta test, and continuously improve