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CITL staff has years of experience combining good teaching practices and effective technologies in all classroom settings, but newer flexible classrooms being developed on this campus offer more opportunities for creating collaborative, learner-centered experiences for your students. Let’s get started!

iFLEX Classrooms

iFLEX stands for Illinois Flexible Learning EXperience, a new kind of classroom with reconfigurable furniture, multiple writing surfaces, and enhanced technologies. iFLEX classrooms are in high demand by faculty whose courses and teaching methods emphasize student-centered, collaborative learning activities and a heavy reliance on digital media and audio-visual technologies. Additional information:  

Preparing to Teach in iFLEX Classrooms

Good teaching is good teaching, but preparing to teach in an iFLEX classroom takes some planning. CITL staff will work with you before and during your class to get the most out of your iFLEX teaching experience. Learn how to increase collaborative activities, use digital tools and technologies in the classroom, and create fun and engaging experiences for your students. We’ll even come to your classroom to help you try something new! Click on Learn More, below, to request a customized training for your team.

Reimagining the Classroom: Continuing Conversations 

The Reimagining the Classroom Symposium is a regular event organized by faculty and staff from across this campus. Its mission is to promote transformative learning experiences for our students by exploring the relationships between classroom spaces, teaching pedagogies, and emerging technologies. Close to 200 people attended the 2016 Symposium which featured keynote speakers and roundtable discussions. We’re asking everyone to continue the conversation through informal discussion circles, webinars, campus tours, and other information-sharing activities.

Click on Learn More, below, to share your interest, ideas, and questions. New discussion groups and campus-wide activities are forming all the time. There has never been a more important time to consider the current and future state of our university classrooms. Join us as we reimagine the classrooms of today, and tomorrow.

Is your department involved in a classroom renovation project?

CITL offers dual support services: helping colleges and departments better understand the classroom design process, and working with faculty cohorts to successfully transition to their new classroom spaces.

As a liaison between facilities services, designers, and department leaders, CITL helps navigate project meetings about effective classroom features and teaching with newer technologies. As a faculty advocate, CITL works with small cohorts leading faculty through visioning sessions, current research on flexible classrooms, and course redesign so they are prepared to teach in the new classrooms from Day One. Click on Learn More, below, to request a consultation about new classroom renovation projects.