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2:30 PM–4:00 PM Tuesday Nov 28, 2017

Kazem Alidoost, CITL Grad Affiliate


Armory building, room 428


Graded assignments are outstanding learning opportunities for students.  For students to make the most out of these opportunities, we must provide fair and thorough feedback.  Unfortunately, giving all of the feedback that we would like can be time-prohibitive.  In this workshop, we'll explore ways to grade efficiently while continuing to be fair and thorough.

This is a TA-to-TA workshop, offered by one of CITL' Graduate Affiliates.

Cost: Free, but registration required

Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Event Source: CITL Calendar

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About Online Course-in-a-Box

CITL presents these "Online Course-in-a-Box" resources to faculty and instructors who are tasked with developing their own online course with minimal campus support. Online Course-in-a-Box includes online education best practices and the research that supports those best practices, along with templates and other helpful guides. This includes support for:

  • Designing your course
  • Planning lectures
  • Recording and editing lectures
  • Building your online course
  • Fostering student interactions
  • Understanding legal issues

We believe these are the core practices important for every online course and hope these resources empower you to successfully develop and deliver your own online course.

We would also greatly value hearing from you regarding these resources--what works, what doesn't--so that we can improve them for the future. Please share with us your experiences!

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