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2:00 PM–3:00 PM Wednesday Jul 18, 2018

Alan Bilansky




Kaltura (mediaspace.illinois.edu) is a YouTube-like service that allows U of I people to post and share videos, and you can use it to promote your research, for teaching, or outreach.  It's perfect for recording micro-lectures on the fly, or having students submit video assignments.  You can publish to the whole Web or limit access, to only U of I people or to members of a specific course. You can upload videos you've already made, or record directly online, and edit your videos online, too. We will cover what you need to know to get started publishing with Kaltura, and follow up with consultation for your specific projects.


This workshop will be online.  Here is the link to join: https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/d3e2f4a59d1d4041b324f327223ce88e 

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Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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Illinois Compass 2g

Illinois Compass 2g (powered by Blackboard Learn) is a learning management system that offers a secure environment in which to share content, create and turn in assignments, keep track of grades, and run a variety of analytics. Illinois Compass 2g enhances the learning experience for students and instructors alike by improving the ease of content delivery, grading, and managing course materials.      

Content Delivery - Students can access readings, lecture notes, videos, and so much more via Illinois Compass 2g.  All course content can be access through one system, simplifying delivery for the instructor.  Integration with McGraw-Hill, Kaltura, Pearson’s and other commercial content providers streamlines delivery and access for students and instructors.

Student Assessment - Illinois Compass 2g possesses built-in tools for the delivery of assignments, tests, and surveys, as well as self and peer assessment. Tests have 17 different question formats and instructors can benefit using statistical analysis of results. Assignments can be assessed anonymously and allow for individual or group submission of assignments.

Grading - Grading of tests is effortless with automatic grading of single-answer choices.  A number of tools permit dynamic feedback for papers and other assignments while delivery of grades to students is immediate. The Grade Center possesses powerful management tools and calculated columns that enhance the options for grading assignments.

Outside the Classroom - Discussion boards, blogs, group collaboration, and many more tools allow the learning experience to be expanded beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.  Students can respond to other students’ posts in the forums of a discussion board or easily collaborate with group members on a project using tools within Compass 2g. Grading is seamless for the instructor, and tools such as Announcements enable simplified communication outside of the classroom.

Online Courses -  Integration with tools such as Blackboard Collaborate make Illinois Compass 2g the anchor for online course delivery, acting as the portal for a virtual classroom and the means to course content delivery and assessmen

The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning offers Compass 2g workshops on a regular basis. Check the list of all upcoming workshops and events on our training and professsional development calendar.