CITL Summer 2020 Workshops - Moving Your Course Online

Apr 28, 2020, 07:52 AM


In light of the suspension of face-to-face instruction for Summer 2020, CITL will be offering a series of virtual workshops for faculty and TAs who will be moving their courses online. eLearning Professionals and IT staff who will be assisting faculty are also welcome to attend.

The format of these workshops are flexible to your needs and availability. The entire workshop series will run from Wednesday through Friday, May 6 through May 8 and again from May 20 through May 22, so you can choose the dates that work best for you. Workshop sessions will be between 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM each day. You are welcome to come to as many or as few sessions as you would like.

The workshop is open to all Illinois faculty, staff, and TAs. The workshop is free of charge, but we do ask you to indicate via the registration form which dates you will attend. Information for joining the Zoom sessions will be sent to you for the dates you choose. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Dalpiaz (

These workshops are designed to provide you with helpful information and best practices for moving your course online. Resources for getting additional help will also be available. The topics covered are listed below.


Wednesday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 20

1:00–1:50 PM: What Has Worked for You? Instructor Discussion

While teaching online during the COVID-19 pandemic most of us have struggled, succeeded, and/or learned something new. No matter how seemingly simple or innovative you’ve been in adapting to teaching online, we’d like you to join us for a conversation from the trenches on lessons you’ve learned.

2:00–2:50 PM: Student Engagement in Online Courses

Creating an environment conducive to student engagement is crucial for your course's overall success and student satisfaction. In this session, we'll discuss techniques and tips for fostering that engagement as effectively as possible.

3:00–3:30 PM: Re-usability of Teaching Resources

Discuss how you could use the materials you create for your online course again in the future. This session will also provide you with a brief overview of online copyright and accessibility. Additional in-depth resources on will also be provided.

3:30–4:30 PM: Moodle Basics

When you master a few key features in Moodle (Learn@Illinois), you can improve the efficiency of your course. In this session, you'll get an overview of the tools and features available in Moodle.

Thursday, May 7 and Thursday, May 21

1:00–1:50 PM: Compass Basics

When you master a few key features in Compass, you can improve the efficiency of your course. In this session you'll learn how to organize readings for easy access, create self-grading tests, and set columns to automatically calculate course grades.  Most importantly, you'll learn how Compass can actively support your students' learning and reduce your own administrative toll. 

2:00–2:30 PM: Non-Video Online Lecture Options

There are alternatives to video for providing your course content to students online. These options are ideal if you expect to need to update your content frequently, your students have known internet connectivity issues, or if you simply don't want to make videos.

2:30–3:20 PM: DIY Video Production

In this session, you'll be introduced to some best practices in video creation and have a chance to see several examples of the types of video you could create for your course.

3:30–4:00 PM: Course Organization & Navigation

Consistency, organization, and ease of navigation are key when creating an online course that sets students up for success. We will discuss strategies and tips for creating a well-organized and clearly structured course. Some templates and other resources to help you get started organizing your course will also be provided.

4:00–5:00 PM: Crash Course in Ed Tech (for IT Staff)

This session is targeted at campus IT staff that have limited experience with educational technology. You will get an overview of some of the common Ed Tech used at Illinois that faculty may come to you with questions about.

Friday, May 8 and Friday, May 22

1:00–1:50 PM: Online Assessments

In this session, you will get an overview of typical online assessment types. We'll also discuss of some of the biggest challenges in creating online assessments, such as designing successful project assignments. You'll also have a chance to discuss with each other and CITL staff how to transform your specific assessment ideas for online.

2:00–2:50 PM: Designing Cooperative Learning Groups

When cooperative learning is well-designed it minimizes opportunities for students and instructors to experience frustrations that often accompany group work. Join this interactive workshop to explore best practices that will enhance your students’ experiences as they learn to work cooperatively with peers.

3:00–3:50 PM: Hands-on Activities Online

Hands-on activities are great for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in many disciplines. Creating alternatives to these activities during campus closure can be challenging, yet many of their learning qualities may be preserved in substitute activities. Please join us as we discuss creative ways to generate alternative activities that will allow you to achieve your student learning objectives.

4:00–4:30 PM: Online Exams: Active Discussion

Join us for a lively discussion examining the online proctoring options available for your course. We'll discuss implementation, hear firsthand accounts from instructors, and provide options for non-proctored exam design in Compass 2g and Moodle.