Mini-Project Magic | TTLL Season 1, Episode 8

Sep 13, 2022, 09:05 AM by Bob Dignan

About the guests 

Leon Liebenberg, Teaching Assistant Professor in The Grainger College of Engineering.  

Ava Wolf is an assistant director at the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning. 


Conference Presentation slide deck by Leon Liebenberg and Taylor Tucker: “Implementing Mini-Projects to Build Community and Improve Student Engagement.” 

Episode Summary 

In this episode, Ava Wolf (CITL) and Leon Liebenberg (ENG) join host Bob Dignan to dispel Leon’s recipe for magic in his engineering courses. Combining the head, the heart and the hands, Leon’s students have been raving about this team-based, project learning structures for a few years now. We explore the needs and attitudes of students at Illinois, and how Leon’s passions for engineering education are translating into highly motivated, self-regulated, creative, imaginative, pragmatic graduates. 


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