Community Building in the Classroom | TTLL Season 1, Episode 10

Oct 11, 2022, 09:05 AM


About the guests 

Sarah Rose Cavanagh is a psychologist, professor, and Senior Associate Director for Teaching and Learning at Simmons University, where she teaches classes on affective science and mental health, researches the intersections of emotion, motivation, and learning, and provides educational development for faculty. 

Tyler Schanck is an Instructional Media Producer at CITL. 

Episode Summary 

Sarah Rose Cavanagh (Simmons University) was the Keynote speaker at the 2022 Reimagining the Classroom Symposium. From the Symposium website: As we emerge from the pandemic it’s time to celebrate our progress and look optimistically toward the future as we try to discern the evolving needs of faculty, students, and staff. Plans that are on the drawing table today will become the classrooms of tomorrow. Let's work together to build teaching and learning spaces that our faculty and students need to succeed. 


The Reimagining the Classroom Symposium has been evolving from the first Flexible Learning Summit in 2013 to the first virtual Breaking New Ground webinar in 2021, but our mission remains the same: to support the Strategic 150 goal of promoting transformative learning experiences for our students by exploring the complex relationships between physical classrooms, teaching pedagogies, and emerging technologies. 


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