CITL Teaching and Learning News: August 9, 2023

Aug 18, 2023, 10:55 AM
CITL Teaching and Learning News August 9, 2023
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Instructor Voices

  Aimee Barbeau and Eric Larson

Hybrid Learning: The Best of Both Worlds, or the Worst?

Gies College of Business faculty Aimee Barbeau and Eric Larson explore different attitudes toward hybrid learning. It is often described as the best of both worlds, and it could be theorized that allowing students more autonomy increases satisfaction with learning, but the data collected told a different story.

In this presentation, Barbeau and Larson examine the role of social context in the classroom and discuss their observations on the relationship between autonomy and satisfaction, as well as the need for instructors to consider not just individual students but the whole classroom environment.


CITL Announcements


Volunteers still needed for Microteaching!

The Graduate Academy for College Teaching, the campus-wide TA training program, culminates in Microteaching, where new TAs offer very short mock lessons as practice before starting their teaching assignment. We are looking for TAs, faculty, or staff with teaching experience to facilitate the Microteaching sessions. Facilitators keep things running on time, provide a little bit of written feedback on each lesson, and run a short discussion among a small group of new TAs. It’s usually fun, and you get to learn a little bit about several different topics. Microteaching takes place throughout the day on Friday, August 18, in the Armory building. Total time commitment, including training, is between two and five hours, depending on how many sessions you would like to run. Please contact Lucas Anderson ( if you are interested in helping.


Workshops and Events


Canvas Open Office Hours
Every Thursday
11am - 12pm, Zoom
Host: CITL Instructional Support Team

Stay tuned for this semester's events! Bookmark the CITL Event Calendar for all upcoming workshops and the Training Services (formerly FAST3) Calendar for additional training opportunities. 


Teaching Tips


Four Questions to Ask about Course Policies

For anyone teaching this Fall, it is time to think about how your course is going to run. As part of that, you’ll want to be thinking about course policies. Is attendance mandatory? Will you accept late work? You will need to consider answers to many such questions.

First off, check with your department and college to determine if they mandate certain policies. Perhaps you don’t have much of a choice about how to handle potential infractions of academic integrity, for example. Maybe your department wants you to use standard language when it comes to offering accommodations for students with disabilities. Check with experienced colleagues to see what your department may require. Also look at the Office of the Provost’s Syllabus & Course Policy Resources page, General Education Course Policies and Guidelines page, and the Provost’s Office Syllabi Guidelines.

Even after you make sure you are consistent with departmental requirements and University guidelines, you’ll discover you have leeway to make important decisions about your course policies. We can’t give you detailed advice about your specific course here, but Lucas Anderson from CITL has devised four questions that can help you make good decisions about your course policies. He walks you through the questions in this short video.

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