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Rhetoric Proficiency Credit

The Rhetoric courses introduce students to research-based writing and the construction of academic, argumentative essays that use primary and secondary sources as evidence. It is a General Education requirement to successfully complete 'Composition I' by taking the appropriate RHET, CMN, or ESL class(es).

Proficiency credit for Rhetoric, as well as course placement into Rhetoric, is based on your highest ACT English score, 'old SAT' Critical Reading score, or 'new SAT' Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score. If you take both the ACT and the SAT, we will use your best score from any of these tests.

If your ACT score is at least a 32 or your SAT score is at least 690, you will automatically earn 4 hours of proficiency credit for RHET 105. This means that you have fulfilled the General Education 'Composition I' requirement. In this case, you should talk with your academic advisor about which course to take next.

NOTE: If you are an international student whose Notice of Admission stated that you are required to take the English as a Second Language Placement Test (the EPT), and yet your ACT or SAT score is high enough to earn RHET 105 proficiency credit, you do not have to take the Written EPT. Your test-based credit will automatically appear on your academic record.

The following scores also earn RHET 105 proficiency credit:

  • AP English Language exam = 4 or 5
  • AP English Literature exam = 4 or 5
  • IB Higher Level English A: Literature = 6 or 7
  • IB Standard Level English A: Literature = 6 or 7
  • IB Higher Level English A: Language and Literature = 6 or 7
  • IB Standard Level English A: Language and Literature = 6 or 7
  • IB English A: Literature and Performance (only offered at Standard Level) = 6 or 7
  • IB Higher Level Film = 6 or 7
  • IB Standard Level Film = 6 or 7

Please note that duplicate credit will not be awarded. This means, for example, that if you already earned 4 hours of RHET 105 credit based on your ACT English score, you cannot earn another 4 hours of RHET 105 credit with a high score on the AP English Language exam. You can earn credit for a particular course only once.