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Student FAQ

How does eText save me money?

eTexts typically sell for 40% to 75% less than traditional books. Skipping physical printing and shipping keeps costs down. Some courses use eTexts adapted from physical textbooks by major publishers, while others use course-mates or original texts written by university professors. Both will save money, though the latter may be significantly cheaper overall. The final price of your book will depend on whether it is adapted from a major publisher or written by a university author.

How do I access my book?

Log in to eText, then type in your access code on the Library page. Buy an access code from the campus online Store.

Can I read offline?

Some books are available in an ePub format for download, though this depends on the author or publisher’s preferences.

How is eText a useful study tool?

eText can be accessed from your phone or other mobile device anywhere with an internet connection. Use notes, bookmarks, and multicolored highlights in eText as you would in a traditional book. In addition, view lists of all your markings sorted by chapter. Ever wished CTRL or CMD + F worked in a traditional textbook? Use eText’s search to find terms or phrases across chapters or books. View figures, glossary, and passages from previous chapters in popup boxes without interrupting your reading.

Can I read on my mobile device?

Yes. Just connect to the internet and use your web browser* to access eText.
*Web browser must be up-to-date and HTML5 compliant

What is the environmental impact?

Since costs associated with printing, shipping, warehousing, inventory, resale, recycling are avoided, environmental impact of eText is miniscule compared to conventional textbooks.

What if I drop a class? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no way to refund electronic materials.

How long do I have access for?

Unless the author or publisher specifies otherwise, you will have access to your books until your campus credentials expire. (At Illinois this is 1 year after your graduation date.)

Can I keep my annotations and notes after my subscription expires?

This is currently not supported. We have plans to create this feature in future versions.

How do physical page numbers translate in eText books?

Since page lengths in eText vary based on the screen size of your device, fixed page numbers have no meaning. When a book is adapted for eText, its content is organized by chapters and sections. Your instructor should reference these sections in addition to page numbers, if there is also a physical book for your class.

Can I print my book? How about printing chapters?

eText currently allows single-page printing. Chapter printing is a planned feature, and will depend on the approval of each individual book’s author/publisher.