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Canvas is the University of Illinois' official learning management system (LMS). This state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform provides students and instructors with one central location where they can easily access their course syllabus, assignments, announcements, grades and anything else that is pertinent to their course. (NOTE: Some niche programs may use a different LMS that is tailored to their specific needs.)

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If you're new to Canvas, here are some steps to take to help you get started:


Canvas is known for its intuitive tools and features. Here are a few:

  • Attendance lets you easily take attendance based off a class list or seating chart.
  • With Syllabus items listed in the Course Summary are automatically hyperlinked to content. The Course Summary provides an organizational view of the course based on due dates and calendar events. New assignments and quizzes automatically are added to the syllabus tool. If your gradebook uses weights, this is automatically updated.
  • Collaborations allows faculty and students to easily integrate things like Google Docs and Microsoft Word documents directly in the course. (NOTE: Availability of specific items, including Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365, will be determined by campus administration and are not yet available.)
  • SpeedGrader is similar to Blackboard's online grading feature but includes additional features that allow you to annotate submissions by adding comments, highlighting text, and drawing; grade with Canvas Instructor App; record audio and video feedback for student submissions; and use speech-to-text to give feedback (in Chrome).

Learn about more tools and features in Canvas.


CITL's Instructional Support Team provides Canvas training and assistance, including helping to migrate existing courses.


For Canvas technical support, contact the Technology Services Help Desk. Help Desk hours are:

  • Monday — Friday: 8 am — 9 pm CST
  • Saturday — Sunday: 12 pm — 5 pm CST

Contact the Help Desk at consult@illinois.eduor 217-244-7000