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i>clicker Campus Software Download (Mac)

To run i>clicker on Mac:

Download the i>clicker software directly from the i>clicker website (https://www1.iclicker.com/downloads-release-notes/), double-click the .dmg file to mount it (it will appear like a removable USB drive on your Mac), create a new folder on your Mac entitled “i>clicker Classic” (or similar), then copy/paste the iclicker.app file from within the .dmg disk image into this new folder. Once you run i>clicker from this new folder, all the supporting files and folders will be created as normal and i>clicker will function as before.

Then, download the Compass/Moodle (Learn@illinois) integration piece from here (https://uofi.box.com/v/UofIMaciclickerxmlfile) and copy the downloaded file into the “Resources” folder.