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Recording Lectures

Instructor Studio

The Instructor Studio is available to all faculty, instructors, TAs and teaching staff at the University of Illinois. With fewer configuration options than our full studios, this space is perfect to learn the basics and record on your own. Space is equipped with two setups: stage lighting, and desk recording. See below for how-to’s and scheduling.



Virtual Tour and Media Examples

Location & Hours of operation

Armory 372A: 3rd floor, NE Corner. Take east Elevator to the 3rd floor and exit right.

9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday

Fall 2020 Semester: With limited staffing in the Armory due to COVID-19, we will not be offering self-scheduling. Instead, please email to schedule an initial orientation and subsequent appointments. You’ll need to wear a mask in the studio whenever you’re not presenting on camera, and you’ll need a recent negative COVID test to enter the building. Our staff will do the same and sanitize all touch surfaces before and after each shoot. Due to the size of the space, only 3 people are allowed in during a recording session (including an operator if using someone).

How-To Documentation: