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Copying an email in Slate to create a new email

Feb 17, 2021



Video Instructions 

  • In Slate, go to Deliver (megaphone icon), then Mailings.
  • On the right, select the folder/subfolder where your email belongs. Units are categorized by college or department.
  • Open the email you would like to copy and click Copy Mailing. (If you want to use the same query, be sure to leave “Copy Query” checked. If not, be sure to uncheck “Copy Query” in the resulting pop-up box.)
  • Name should include the college name – department name – and subject of email.
  • Folder should be the folder/subfolder you’re entering the email into.
  • User should stay you. Select Save.
  • In your mailing, select Edit Message.
  • If needed, edit sender and recipient email (if coyping an email this shouldn’t need done)
  • Recipient should be {{email}}. CC should remain blank unless a second audience is needed
  • Update your Subject line
  • Copying the previous text and edit based on the new message you’d like to send.
  • Select Save.
  • To double check your email, select Send Test Message and send it to yourself to review. We recommend a second test email to an email address outside of the university (example: Gmail or Yahoo). 

Important Reminders: 

You can email if you’d like to have us confirm your query if you are running a new one.