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Drip Campaign Email Best Practices

Jun 02, 2021

To make the most of your drip campaign, it is recommended to follow the best practices listed below.   A drip campaign is meant to engage prospects by sending them content about your program and give them a specific action to complete. Follow the tips below to effectively engage your audience.


Subject: Provide a brief overview or focus on one topic (e.g., benefits of a fully online program, Power of Illinois, personalized program, student testimonials, where alumni are working, etc.)


Subject line: Keep it under 50 words.


Email length: Keep it tight and concise. Many prospective students read email on their phones and will stop scrolling if the message is too long.


Links: Make sure your links open up to a new window that directs them to your intended message.


Images/Videos: Add a high-quality image or video when relevant. For example, student and faculty testimonials are more powerful if you include their photo. If you include a video, make sure it’s short, engaging, and works properly.


Diversity/Inclusion: Make sure this is reflected in all content.


Call to action: Make sure to include a direct call to action, asking prospects to do something now or today. (e.g., Apply now, register today, request more information today, etc.)


Deadlines/Other dates: Be generalFor example, instead of saying, “Apply for Fall 2021 by June 1, 2021,” consider saying, “Apply for the Fall semester by June 1.” That way, your email doesn’t become outdated.


Signature: Keep it simple: Name, title, Department. Long signatures require more scrolling. (NOTE: Feel free to use your preferred complimentary close (e.g., Best wishes, Warmest regards, Cheers, etc.)