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Slate Event Communication Templates

Jun 08, 2021

Use the suggestions below to create email communications for your events created in Slate. The emails can be scheduled within the event and automatically sent based on the date of the event.

  • Confirmation Page (seen by student online immediately once he/she submits the form)

  • Confirmation Email (received by student once he/she signs up)

  • Reminder Email (received by student XX hours prior to event)

  • Follow-Up Email (received by student XX hours after event)

  • Cancellation Email (received by student if he/she cancels)


Confirmation Email

SUBJECT: Thank you for registering!



Dear {{First}},


Thank you for registering for the {{VIRTUAL EVENT}}. The session will begin at (TIME/DATE).


During this event, our faculty, staff, and students will share {{INSERT TWO OR THREE THINGS – PROGRAM INFO, ONLINE INFO, Q&A}}


To access the event, please see the information below: {{ZOOM LINK}}


We’re looking forward to seeing you!





Reminder Email


SUBJECT: Our (PROGRAM EVENT) is coming up!



Dear {{FIRST}}


We are 2 days away from the {{EVENT NAME}}, and we’re so excited to have you join us!


We will be starting at {{TIME}}, and you can join us at the following link: {{ZOOM LINK}}


Please contact {{EMAIL}} with any questions.




Follow Up Email


SUBJECT: Thank you for joining us!


Dear {{FIRST}}


On behalf of {{COLLEGE}}, we want to thank you for attending {{EVENT}}. We hope it was helpful to hear from our faculty, staff and students about {{SUBJECT}}. Please reach out to {{EMAIL}} with any further questions.






Cancellation email


SUBJECT: We’re sorry you can’t join us!


Dear {{FIRST}},


This email confirms that you have cancelled your spot for {{EVENT NAME}}. Please reach out to {{EMAIL}} with any questions.