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A collection of tips and tools designed to aid in transitioning instruction online.

Developing Media for Your Course

May 20, 2020

Recording studio


Do you need to produce media for your course? Knowing how to prepare and what campus resources are available can save you a lot of time and effort.


Taking a bit of time to sketch your trajectory will save you tremendously down the road.

  • Use CITL’s Media Planning Guide to review an inventory of teaching practices and available resources, and consider student needs.
  • Consider legal issues such as Fair Use, Public Domain, and Creative Commons
  • Utilize CITL’s Online Course-in-a-Box’s Copyright Information page at https://goo.gl/QFBFsx
  • Consider Universal Design Principals
    • Plan ahead for visuals
    • Employ audio descriptions or screen readable alt-text
    • Build information accessible to persons with color-blindness
    • If applicable, examine your choice of colloquial phrases, ensuring international students can understand your teaching
    • Identify a strategy for transcribing and/or captioning your media


Consider these things just before and during recording.


Once you are done recording, follow these steps to package all your media up for your students.

  • Review CITL’s Media Editing Tips here: https://goo.gl/u3xMzn
  • Distribute your material(s) to students
    • See MediaSpace FAQ for using this system to distribute media: https://mediaspace.illinois.edu/help
    • Contact your department/college’s onlineeducation administrators for additional recommendations
  • Appropriately transcribe/caption time-based media using these DRES recommendations: https://goo.gl/4Z7Ns0

Excerpt from CITL's Online Course In-A-Box