CITL uses leading pedagogical approaches, research-based methodologies, innovative instructional technologies, and comprehensive assessment practices to strengthen teaching efforts and improve student learning outcomes. We also support online degree programs and certificate options, conferences, and placement and proficiency testing assistance to students. In collaboration with campus units and other institutions, we spark new ideas, strategies, and knowledge to shape the future of teaching and learning.

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Our services are deeply collaborative in nature, grounded in research, and draw on leading pedagogical approaches. Our objective is to foster broad professional development at all levels, enabling instructors to achieve their own personal best and to teach effectively in face-to-face, blended, and virtual learning environments.

  • Instructional Design

    Instructional Design

    Our instructional design team assists faculty and departments to design and create effective online and blended/hybrid courses.

  • Instructional Resources

    Instructional Resources

    The CITL-ATLAS Instructional Resources team develops custom multimedia materials tailored to the needs of your courses

  • Program Coordination and Development

    Program Coordination and Development

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  • Proficiency Testing

    Proficiency Testing

    Jump start your degree program by applying your existing knowledge and AP credits to your graduation requirements.

  • Informal Early Feedback

    Informal Early Feedback

    The IEF program assists instructors to acquire, analyze, and act on student feedback.

  • Accessibility Facilitation

    Accessibility Facilitation

  • Marketing & Research

    Marketing & Research

    Our team assists academic units to make data-driven decisions, promote programs, and coordinate campaigns.

  • Technology


    Training. Hosting. Support. We provide our partners technical solutions such as Collaborate Web Conferencing and ProctorU online proctored exams and support for Moodle and Illinois Compass.

  • Exam Scoring and Reporting

    Exam Scoring & Reporting

    Our team can assist you prepare, deliver, score, and analyze machine-scannable answer sheets for instruction and research.

  • Consultations


    CITL offers workshops and one-on-one and TA-to-TA consultations on a variety of teaching topics from classroom issues to measurement & evaluation.

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  • Instructor & Course Evaluation System (ICES)

    Instructor & Course Evaluation System (ICES)

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  • English Proficiency Interview (EPI)

    English Proficiency Interview (EPI)

    Administered by CITL, The EPI gives non-native English speaking graduate student the opportunity to demonstrate oral proficiency to fulfill campus policy and Illinois State Law.

  • Conference Planning

    Conference Planning

    On-campus and around the world our conference services staff help develop, promote, coordinate, administer, and manage your events.

  • ProctorU


  • Focus Groups

    Focus Groups

    Our facilitators and student focus groups get you the feedback you need to understand and improve your instruction.

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  • Library & Copyright

    Library & Copyright

    We ensure online and off-campus students have access to informational resources and manage copyright clearance and approval for course materials.

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  • Business & Data Reporting

    Business & Data Reporting

  • Placement Testing

    Placement Testing

    All freshman and transfer students at the University must complete placement testing two weeks prior to their registration date.

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Highly recommend this program!
The classes are very easy to access and participate in. The professors also understand that the majority of the students are working full time and are very flexible with schedules. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who’s thinking about working towards a master’s degree, but would like to continue working while doing so.
Melissa Kuhrt
Senior Scientist, Diageo, Plainfield, IL
Online M.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition