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Master Course in Online Teaching (MCOT)

The Master Course in Online Teaching (MCOT) is a deep dive for faculty into online teaching strategies that extend what was presented at the Online Teaching Academy (2020) and the Illinois Summer Teaching Institute (2021). Participants will participate in four modules and learn the following skills.

Skills and Knowledge

backward design, self-regulated learning strategies, community of inquiry, zone of proximal development, student motivation, metacognition, self-directed learning


Module 1: Designing Your Online Course

  1. Apply the backward design approach to help your students align their self-regulated learning strategies.
  2. Explain ways to reduce student cognitive load.
  3. Create a graphic representation of your course to conceptualize how you will tell the story of your course to students.

Module 2: Developing Your Learning Community

  1. Explain how the three presences work together to advance student learning in the Community of Inquiry framework.
  2. Integrate elements of the Community of Inquiry framework into your course to develop your online learning community.
  3. Explain how teaching presence can be used in your learning community by you and your students.

Module 3: Adapting Best Teaching Practices to Your Online Course

  1. Describe how to use metacognition to improve your online teaching effectiveness.
  2. Explain why it may be difficult for experts to teach novices by using the hierarchy of competence framework.
  3. Predict where you can scaffold instruction for your students based on their Zone of Proximal Development.

Module 4: Motivating Your Students to Excel

  1. Apply evidence-based strategies to increase and sustain your students' motivation in your online course.
  2. Structure your teaching to empower your students to become self-directed learners.

Shareable Certificate and Badge

MCOT Cert Screen ShotLinkedIn

badge and certificate will be awarded for those who successfully complete the Master Course in Online Teaching (MCOT) to share on the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on your resume, CV, or other documents.


Synchronous Participants:

  • Complete each module deliverable
  • Complete each Tech Tools assignment
  • Attend 3 of 4 synchronous course meetings

Asynchronous participants:

  • Complete each module deliverable
  • Complete each Tech Tools assignment
  • Score 80% or higher on all module quizzes

Prior participation in either instructional development series is not required but professional experience with university level instruction is strongly encouraged.

This synchronous version of MCOT will be limited to a small cohort to form our supportive learning community. The course contains 4 modules which have a modest weekly time commitment of approximately 4 - 5 hours. Please join us as we learn together from online teaching experts from around the world and right here at Illinois. Contact us to learn more about the start date of the next cohort or to register for the asynchronous course.