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The Art of Teaching: Lunchtime Seminar Series

I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist… Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit. (John Steinbeck)

Back for another exciting year! Lunchtime Seminar Series features CITL Faculty Fellows and other exemplary faculty discussing teaching practices that highlight the art and science of teaching and learning. The series takes place on the first Thursdays of the month from12-1pm. For more information, or to suggest a speaker or topic, please contact Ava Wolf at arwolf@illinois.edu.



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SEPTEMBER 9: Pedagogy and Assessment of Human-Centered Design

Saad Shehab (Siebel Center for Design)

Bringing Human-Centered Design (HCD) to educational settings helps students develop human-centered, metacognitive, collaborative, and creative mindsets all of which are critical for living and working in the 21st century. This session will introduce you to three ways of integrating HCD into your course materials and teaching strategies. Additional resources and assessment tools will also be provided to help facilitate your ability to teach with, about, and through human-centered design.

View the recording of Saad's presentation, see his materials, and read the story.

Photo of Karin Hodgin Jones

OCTOBER 7: Integrating Multi-Media Course Tools to Support Studio and Design Learning

Karin Hodgin Jones (Fine and Applied Arts)

Studio-based courses require students to create original and sophisticated content while they are learning to use the tools and techniques required to produce that content. This session will discuss strategies for integrating broad-function collaboration tools into studio courses to reinforce course-specific skill attainment by employing these same tools for student presentation, evaluation, and assessment of multi-stage multimedia projects.

Photo of Katie Ansell

NOVEMBER 4: Balancing Freedom and Guidance with 'Yes' Spaces in STEM Classrooms

Katie Ansell (Physics)

Many instructors face the challenge of wanting to support student agency and creativity while having to teach established procedures in their fields. While it's safer and faster to just tell students what to do, this doesn't help them develop critical thinking or resilience. This session highlights a simple but effective way to turn the classroom into a 'yes' space, and evidence of the impact this has had in introductory Physics labs and lectures.


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DECEMBER 2: What I Know Now--Lessons about Teaching and Learning

Faculty Panel (TBD)

What would you say to your younger self about teaching and learning? This session features a panel of veteran faculty members reflecting on some of their earliest teaching experiences. Each of them will share funny stories and lessons learned about themselves, their students, and the art of good teaching. Members of the audience will be invited to share their thoughts in this last Art of Teaching seminar of the Fall semester.


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