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Third-Party Proctors

If you choose a proctored location off campus (other than ProctorU), it must allow for web-based testing.  You must also complete and e-mail the below form to your instructor no later than two weeks before the exam date to indicate your third-party proctored exam choice and off-campus proctor information. Once you have chosen your proctor, it is your responsibility to schedule the exam with the proctor.  Your instructor will notify the proctor with instructions on how to access your test. Please verify with the proctor that they will be open and able to proctor the exam for you before contacting your instructor about this proctored exam choice.  

In the event that you are contacted by a student in your class who has elected to take the exam with an off-campus proctor other than ProctorU, you will receive an e-mail attachment from your student containing a Third-Party Proctor Request Form with contact information for your student's off-campus proctor.

IMPORTANT: the final decision to approve a third-party proctor is up to the instructor. Please review the student's proctor request carefully to verify the legitimacy of the proposed proctor. It is highly recommended that you phone the proposed proctor to confirm their viability. If you are not comfortable with the proposed proctor or suspect they may be related to the student, you may want to decline the student's third-party proctor request.

If you decide to approve the student's third-party proctor request, you will need to e-mail the proctor an Assessment Directive Form containing exam information the third-party proctor will need to proctor the exam for your student (passwords, special instructions, dates/times, etc.). Below is a sample Instructor Message that can be sent to the Third-party Proctor.

Sample Instructor Message to Third-Party Proctor

Dear [Proctor],

Thank you for proctoring [Student Name] for the upcoming [class rubric & number] exam. Please find attached an assessment directive form which includes specific details concerning the exam. One important detail in this attachment is the password that you will need to enter into the course website when the student attempts to access the exam. Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me before, during, or after the exam at [telephone number].


[Instructor Name]

Notes on Completing the Assessment Directive Form

  • Exam naming: The exam name you submit will be what students see when they use the dropdown list to schedule an exam, so please make sure it corresponds to the exam name in your course syllabus.
  • Proctor password: This is the password the proctor will need to type in to unlock the exam at exam time. Please use a "proctor password" for your exam. In Moodle, in the exam settings, under "Security," use the "Require password" feature to create a password. In Compass, under "Security Properties," use the "Proctor password" option to create a password. Be sure to indicate this password on the assessment directive form, but do not give this password out to students.
  • Special instructions: Use the "Special Instructions" area to indicate any special instructions the proctor should be aware of (e.g., open/closed book, calculators/notes allowed, etc.).
  • Exam start and end dates/times: Start and End times refer to the first and last times (respectively) that a student may select to begin their exam.