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Develop a New Online Program

Do you...

  • Want to bring the quality and expertise of your faculty to a new or broader audience?
  • Know of a skills gap in the marketplace that your department can fill?
  • Have interest in offering a new online degree or certificate program?
  • Have one or more courses you are responsible for that you'd like to take online?

Then contact us using the button at the bottom of the page. We can help you consider multiple other aspects of managing a program—be it a couple of related non-credit courses like a Coursera Specialization, a full degree program, or something in between. CITL can assist with:

  • Market Research Studies to give you a clear picture of how many students graduate with a related degree at other institutions, how many jobs exist in the marketplace that utilize that degree, and an analysis of potential students for your program
  • Formulating program design elements, such as the overall goals of the program, potential use of an industry advisory board, how to leverage alumni, what technology to use across the program, what student services to offer, etc.
  • The various campus approvals, helping you through each step of the processes
  • Marketing your program, including strategizing how to reach your target audience, creating marketing collateral, and managing the overall marketing campaign
  • Faculty inclusion strategies for generating buy-in, keeping faculty informed and connected to the program, both while it is being developed and after launch
  • Developing your online courses, with everything from online pedagogical best practices, media development, and quality checks
  • Instructional Technology Support to faculty both before and while they are teaching online
  • Online Program Surveys that examine the effectiveness and perceived quality of online programs