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Online Program & Course Surveys


The purpose of the CITL Online Program & Course Surveys is to examine the effectiveness and perceived quality of Illinois Online programs and courses in an effort to improve students’ overall online learning experience. The results of this student-centered survey are analyzed both for individual courses and in aggregate form, and are sent to the administrative designate for online courses within each College.

CITL administrative staff may use the data collected from these surveys to:

  • Improve online course design and development processes
  • Improve processes related to marketing and student services
  • Facilitate educational and institutional research


For Illinois Online courses that use the Moodle platform, course-specific survey links will be provided to your College designate to embed in Moodle. For all other courses, the CITL Data Analytics team will send survey links to students’ University of Illinois email address.

Surveys will be available to students at the end of the course, and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete at no risk or harm to the student. Student participation is voluntary and their answers will be kept confidential, in accordance with IRB guidelines; only the CITL Data Analytics staff will have access to non-anonymized data. No personal identifying information for students or instructors will be made public, unless they have given permission to make their comments public for marketing and/or promotional purposes. Colleges, departments, or individual faculty may opt-out of the course survey process. Please Note: To ensure confidentiality of student’s identities the CITL Data Analytics group will provide a shortened version of the report for courses with less than five responses.  In addition, we will not provide extra credit lists for courses that have less than five people enrolled.

Course survey reports containing aggregated data will be provided to each College’s administrative designate approximately one month after the course ends. These administrative designates will be responsible for providing the CITL Data Analytics group with all necessary information regarding the online courses they wish to have surveyed and for compliance with any College policies regarding sharing of the aggregate course reports.