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Programs & Events

The August 2021 Graduate Academy for College Teaching will take place online August 16-17, with Microteaching on August 18-19.

The August 2021 Symposium on Grading and Office Hours will take place online August 17.


CITL organizes several annual conferences targeted to instructional staff and faculty:

  • Faculty Retreat, typically held in late February or early March, is a one-day event that celebrates ongoing and collaborative processes of inquiry, experimentation, and reflection, related to teaching and learning.
  • Faculty Summer Institute (FSI), held in mid- or late May, is a three-day conference for higher education instructors and other professionals about the latest technological advances in education.


Each semester, CITL offers workshops, special programs, and reading groups. Open to faculty and teaching assistants, many of these events count toward meeting the requirements of our teaching certificates. For information about an event, please check the CITL Calendar.

Pre-Semester TA Training

Two campus-wide, pre-semester orientation programs for new Teaching Assistants (TAs) are held each August and January. Departments register their TAs for these programs; individual TAs cannot register themselves.